The difference between cloud servers and dedicated servers

The difference between cloud servers and dedicated servers

الفرق بين الخوادم السحابية والخوادم المخصصة

When we want to host our website or web application – which means we want to publish our web page so that it can be accessed using the internet we need a server. A server is a system that provides us with space and resources, so our web page or application can be linked to the Internet,

And people all over the world can interact with what we’ve created.

On the Internet, there are many web hosting servers, which can give you space and resources so that you can host any website.

There are two types of web hosting servers: traditional and cloud. Traditional servers are not used much because the cloud has replaced them,

But still some large companies use a dedicated server, which is part of the traditional servers.


Since the day the Internet was introduced to people, it has shown great development, and every year new technologies are associated with it. He also saw that if there is a business partner with the web, it expands the scope of business and gives profitable results, so if you want to move your business online, then terms like cloud and dedicated servers confuse you, so here we have provided a brief explanation and comparison between these two terms.

Dedicated server #

A dedicated server is part of a traditional server. The traditional server was often used when the concept of a cloud server did not exist. In a traditional server, the customer can buy a shared or dedicated space on the server to host their website. Shared server, more than one client cut the same server, let’s say there is a server of 5 TB, so according to the client’s request, the service provider gives some space to the client of 5 TB.

In the dedicated server, the client can buy the complete server for himself, as he does not need to share server space and resources with other clients.

Many companies and large organizations use dedicated servers because they provide a high level of security. This option is not suitable for small businesses because it requires expert knowledge and top resources to manage and maintain a dedicated server.

Cloud server #

A cloud server is used interchangeably as cloud computing; In this instead of hosting the web page on physical devices, a virtual environment is created and multiple servers are used to provide space and resources for your web page.

In simple words, cloud server uses multiple virtual servers and provides you with high scalability and resources. Unlike a dedicated server, the cloud does not save your web page to the specified location. It uses different systems to manage your website.

All work is carried out in the cloud by default, so here you are only paying for such a large amount of resources and space; It uses your own website, which means there are no additional fees. A cloud server is ideal for small and large businesses alike. There are many cloud hosting providers, such as (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, Hyyat host, etc.

head-to-head comparison #

Dedicated vs. Cloud Server #

Dedicated servers cloud server
cost factor
In the dedicated server, we have to pay for a certain domain. Here we need specialized knowledge and high-level resources to manage our server, which is very expensive, and small businesses cannot afford to have a dedicated server. If you are using a dedicated server for that then you need a special team to handle and manage the server. This is the most cost-effective service; Here, you only pay for the space and resources you use. All specialized knowledge of server work is handled by the provider itself. You do not need any special server management.
In a dedicated server, the owner has full control over the server and can manage the server according to his needs. Although we need the full knowledge of the server itself, in order to maintain and manage the dedicated server, here we have full control of the server. The cloud server is managed; The server offers the client does not have any control over the server. Managing a cloud server is more difficult than managing a dedicated server, unlike a single dedicated server, in the cloud we deal with hundreds of virtual servers.
Reliability: #
In the dedicated server, we are dealing with a single server, so if there is some failure in the system, it can collapse the whole server and data as well, which may cause the server to collapse. In the cloud, multiple servers maintain instances of your web page, so even if the server crashes or goes down, your web page instance is handled by another server. These multiple servers make cloud computing more reliable.
The main reason for using a dedicated server is security, and attacking a dedicated server can be a difficult call for a hacker because it is very difficult to hack the security of that server. The cloud server also provides security, but a head-to-head comparison with a dedicated server is lost. This does not mean that anyone can attack the cloud server, cloud servers are also very secure but they are not dedicated.
Just as in a dedicated server, the client has complete control over its own server, so here it can allocate the server according to the need. The cloud does not provide much control to its clients, so the user of the cloud cannot customize the server.
Tool Integration
In a dedicated server, if you want to integrate the server with some utility based tools, you can pay more compared to the cloud server. The cloud provided you with multiple facilities at a lower cost.
We cannot change the configuration in a dedicated server because we have dedicated hardware in use. Cloud servers are highly scalable, according to your need, you can change anything like resources and space.

conclusion #

The difference between cloud servers and dedicated servers

Both cloud and dedicated servers have their advantages. If your business is small or medium, you should choose a cloud server to host your website or web application. The cloud provides you with high scalability, flexibility, and security. Unlike a dedicated server in the cloud, you don’t have to pay more. Even large companies are moving their online business to cloud computing, due to its extraordinary features.

Therefore, at Hyyat Host, we were keen to provide both types

private servers

cloud servers


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