6 Steps to Differentiate Hosting by Hyyat Host

6 Steps to Differentiate Hosting by Hyyat Host

6 خطوات تميز استضافة حياة هوست

It is the responsibility of companies to differentiate themselves amid the ever-growing and competitive web hosting industry landscape.

Choosing a web host is often the hardest decision that customers have to make when launching their business, so it is crucial to define your niche and stand out from the crowd.

Here is our guide on how to provide superior services to our customers and stand out from the competition:


1. Trusted advisor #

Giving advice about web hosting is a great way to build trust and add value to our customers.

This is particularly the case given that many companies will not have the technical expertise to know exactly what service they need.

This can range from advising whether they need Linux or Windows hosting.

Or whether they will need free, shared or dedicated hosting.

For those starting small, we advise them early and honestly to grow their hosting and business.


2. Focus and respond quickly to support #

A modern hosting client demands that any concerns be responded to or resolved promptly, and any delay in response may result in loss of business.

So, make sure at Hyyah Host that we are ready to quickly address anything from hosting and billing related issues

To questions regarding technical assistance at all times.


We provide you with support tickets and the customer area, which contains a complete set of customer support tickets and self-service tools

So that we can provide outstanding support to our clients at all times.


With the powerful and integrated ticketing system, customers can open tickets via web or email; And even when you’re offline, customers can find answers to their questions using our self-help knowledge base.


3. Strong technical performance guarantee #

Technical performance that customers can rely on is fundamental to providing value to customers.

Every second a site cannot be accessed can lead to lost sales opportunities and damage to the brand’s reputation.

99% uptime is roughly the industry standard now, so it is a given that we meet and exceed that expectation.

Reliability, security, speed and accessibility are the four pillars of Hyyat Host in addition to having strong servers.

To ensure strong technical performance.


4. Additional Services #

As the web hosting business grows, we offer additional services that provide additional value to customers.

These services are based on technology or assistance in managing Google’s advertising campaigns, web design, or search engine optimization.

In addition, offering value-added products such as secure certificates (SSL), data backup, website and email security.


5. Provide peace of mind #

Ensuring strong security levels is critical to every business.

As a hosting company, security concerns can range from staying on top of promotions to protecting data


As a third-party resource, assisting with concerns such as site downtime, security and compliance, and providing support and advice for customer security requirements.

Therefore, it is important to be at the top of the list, all that we offer you and more at Hyyah Host.

Several security products such as SSL, email, site security and data backup can also be offered on top of your hosting and domain packages.



6. Loyalty Inspiration #

Despite the amount of competition, web hosting companies want you to trust them, and when you find them unsuitable, you are likely to want to leave.

Inspiring customers with commitment that makes their business prosper and continue, and we at Hyyat Host care about helping them grow their business


We aim to meet and exceed their expectations.

We always provide value to beat the competition through offers and add services that aim to improve the quality of our hosting and work.

Companies are increasingly looking for web hosts that they can stay with for the long term,

But they are also not afraid to leave if they do not receive the service they expect.

Therefore, in Hyyat Host, we care about maintaining a lead among competitors through strong features that make your company at the forefront

Ensure that the service is not interrupted and allow us to provide more value to customers.

By providing robust technology, taking the time to understand clients’ needs and building their trust with excellent support,

Hence, their business and our hosting business thrive.


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