VPS virtual servers

VPS virtual servers

السيرفرات الافتراضية VPS

Have you ever wondered what the site owner does after the shared hosting becomes unsuitable for him?

In this article and after we talked in the previous article about shared hosting, we begin to talk about another type of servers, which are VPS virtual servers.


The article will be divided into the following points: #

  • Definition of VPS virtual servers.
  • What are the uses of virtual servers!?
  • Advantages of using a VPN!
  • And finally, the points to be wary of when moving your site hosting to a virtual server.

Defining virtual servers:

VPS is an abbreviation for “Virtual Private Server”, which is a server that is created through a virtual or “fake” working environment, and has a large percentage of the characteristics of a real server, and is very useful in several aspects.

The definition of virtual servers on the English Wikipedia is as follows: #

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) are divides server resources into virtual servers, where resources can be allocated in a way that does not directly reflect the underlying hardware.


The uses of virtual servers vary in several purposes, and not only in web hosting, for example: – #

1- It is used by programmers and developers in developing, manufacturing and testing programs and games programmed through them.

2- Virtual servers are also used as a full computer with many times the normal capabilities, and as used by some specialists to test the strength or weakness of systems.

3- It is used to transfer and share very large files that are difficult to upload completely on download sites, especially those who transfer and share files periodically.

4- Just as it is used for proper purposes, virtual servers can also be used for theft and hacking, because virtual servers are difficult to track because they contain high-level technical protection and encryption systems.

All this is in addition to using it to host sites for which shared hosting is no longer suitable, because the option of virtual servers for site owners is the best option, due to the possibility of controlling it compared to its price category compared to private servers.

Of course, we can greatly expand the advantages of virtual servers due to the distinction of this type of servers in several aspects, including:

1- Confidentiality and privacy #

Confidentiality and privacy are the most important factors of VPS virtual servers, no one but you can control

In settings and everything that happens inside the server, no one can monitor what happens inside your server

Even the hosting company itself, as long as they do not provide you with technical support for the server software.


2- Complete control #

As having your own virtual server makes you have the “administrative access” privileges.

It also allows you to install any program you want, configure it, and customize its settings to suit your business needs without regard to what the hosting company may impose on you.

3- Suitable for multiple uses #

Virtual servers have huge capabilities that can be used, such as hard disk space of at least 25 GB,

And a memory ranging between 520 MB and 32 GB, and a connection speed of not less than 100 MB.

4- Protect data from loss or damage #

This is because the virtual servers keep a backup copy of the files and they are updated periodically.

Even if your server malfunctions, you can restore your data again.

All this in addition to the great performance and the ability to turn the server on and off at any time

In addition to allowing you to increase and upgrade your server capabilities and the ability to create many cPanel accounts.

However, despite the many advantages of virtual servers, there are points to be wary of when
Transferring your hosting to a VPS, including:


1- Technical skill: #

As we mentioned in the title of the article, it is for programmers first, and undoubtedly often you will need to

More technical experience than you needed for shared hosting in order to be able to handle and manage your server,

The responsibility for server control, maintenance, software update and security is your responsibility.

2- Privacy #

Virtual servers are characterized by high privacy and this is the reason for the high cost compared to shared hosting,

Which makes virtual servers not the best choice for beginners.

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