How to transfer hosting to Hyyat host

How to transfer hosting to Hyyat host

كيف يتم نقل الاستضافه إلى حياة هوست

There is a question that is asked daily by many clients which is

Can I transfer my website hosted on another hosting company to Hyyathost? #

And the answer: Yes, absolutely.

However, there are a set of conditions and steps that must be confirmed before transferring the site. This is an explanation of the conditions and steps that must be followed when transferring hosting

A site from any hosting company to hosting HyyatHost.

But before proceeding with the explanation, please see some explanations to know more

web hosting

In the event that you do not want to see the explanations above, you can follow the lesson without problems.

First Step: Make sure you have the domain information #

To know what a domain is, please see the following explanation: Domain Registration

You, as the owner of the site, must make sure that the domain control panel information you have, or at least you have the ability to control it or request it from the current registrar of the domain, as we will need this information in order to make the necessary adjustments to the domain servers to be redirected from the current hosting of your site to hosting hyyathost.
Please note that the availability of domain control panel information is very important in the event that you wish to continue owning this domain, that the domain is usually registered by the hosting company that you requested to register with, and if they do not provide you with information for the domain control panel when starting to provide the service to you, they understand everything Make sure they will provide it to you if you request it.
You will also need it in the event that you want to transfer our domain so that you can control it from within our control panel and have all the data in one place
Here is an explanation of how to transfer the domain or domain to Hyyat Host

Step Two: Copy the website #

Ensure that you have access to the hosting control panel information – cPanel and obtain backups
If you want to transfer the contents of your current site from files, images, data and databases, then your site must be not currently suspended and working on the Internet, and you must have the hosting control panel information or the cPanel control panel, which is a username and password
It is the same as FTP information. This information is very necessary in the event that you want to transfer the contents of your site.

In the event that you obtain this data, you can tell us about it when opening a ticket through the customer area after registering with us, as explained below:


Register a membership in the customer area of Hyyat Host

In the event that you do not have this data, you can talk to your hosting company to obtain a backup copy of your site.

If you have this information or are able to provide it, we are pleased to inform you that you can now and in less than 24 hours

Transferring your site from the hosting that you are on to hosting Hyyat Host, all you have to do is choose the appropriate plan from


web hosting

company hosting

Windows Shared Hosting

Email Hosting

wordpress hosting


After that, deposit the amount allocated for hosting to one of the following accounts:

Payment Methods After payment, please open a ticket by filling out the payment confirmation form with the deposit information in order to proceed with your request.

And you will be answered in the reminder and coordination with you, but make sure that you have the above-mentioned information when submitting the application,

As it will ask you by the employee to complete the transfer process.


Frequently asked questions: #

Can I transfer hosting only and keep the domain with the current registrar?

Of course, you can transfer hosting only, and you can keep the domain with the current registrar, as in this case it will

After transferring our hosting, you will receive a message containing the DNS address to be changed for the domain.

It must be added to the domain for your site to work.


If the domain I have, I can’t change its DNS addresses and I don’t have a control panel for it, and I can’t get it
So what is the solution? #


The solution is to reserve a new domain and link it to the same contents of your hosting after transferring it to HyyatHost hosting.

Although this solution is one of the proposed solutions, it is not popular in many cases, especially if it is your site

It has gained popularity on the Internet, so changing the domain will affect its popularity and ranking in search engines. That is why we always prefer to use the same domain.


My site is locked and its contents cannot be viewed, and my host is not responding, so can I transfer the contents of my site? #

If your site is closed and cannot be browsed via the Internet or logged in to the hosting control panel (Cpanel), then unfortunately you cannot transfer the contents of your hosting space to Hyyathost unless you have a backup copy of the site with an external file,

Otherwise, we regret to inform you that you cannot transfer the contents.


At the end of the article, we promote how the hosting is transferred to Hayat Host, that we have answered all the questions that come to the minds of customers

In the event of any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us through the site’s chat or by checking in from the client’s area

Or through WhatsApp on the Hyyat Host website


Greetings from the Hyyat Host team for hosting #

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