cPanel license price update

cPanel license price update

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New prices and a sudden increase in the prices of cPanel licenses

Over the past few months on the 27th of June cPanel announced a new pricing policy and a surprise price increase as their licensing system changed to be based on the number of accounts/locations on servers and not a full license for the server.

Changing the names of the types of licenses


The VPS license is now Cloud and Dedicated has changed to Metal.

New licensing system

The new system allows you to purchase a new license according to the number of accounts/sites on the server, for example (5, 30, 100, 150, or more) accounts.

In the following table, we explain to you the licensing system, the number of accounts available for each license, what works for virtual servers (Cloud) and what works for private servers (Metal)

cPanel® Plan Name Platform Account Limit Total
cPanel® Admin Fixed Cloud Only Up to 5 $20
cPanel® Pro Fixed Cloud Only Up to 30 $30
Premier Fixed 100 Cloud & Metal Up to 100 $45
Premier Fixed 125 Cloud & Metal Up to 125 $50
Premier Fixed 150 Cloud & Metal Up to 150 $55
Premier Fixed 175 Cloud & Metal Up to 175 $60
Premier Fixed 200 Cloud & Metal Up to 200 $65
Premier Fixed 225 Cloud & Metal Up to 225 $70
Premier Fixed 250 Cloud & Metal Up to 250 $75
Premier Fixed 300 Cloud & Metal Up to 300 $85
Premier Fixed 350 Cloud & Metal Up to 350 $95
Premier Fixed 400 Cloud & Metal Up to 400 $105
Premier Fixed 450 Cloud & Metal Up to 450 $115
Premier Fixed 500 Cloud & Metal Up to 500 $125

** Prices are in US dollars

** For servers with more than 500 accounts, a $10 surcharge is charged for each 50 accounts

The technical support team is available around the clock to assist you with any inquiries about this matter.

cPanel license price update


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