The most common problems faced by WHM / cPanel users

The most common problems faced by WHM / cPanel users

The most common cpanel problems #

In this article, we will present the most important problems that users of the famous WHM / cPanel face.

أشهر المشاكل التي تواجه مستخدمي لوحة التحكم WHM / cPanel

1- Your cPanel accounts have an unlimited quota. #


Although you have specifically set different quotas of cPanel accounts, they all display settings

Unlimited stakes! to remedy it; Log in to your server with SSH and execute the following command:



2- I can’t log into my cPanel account. #


Sometimes you try to log into your cPanel account via your domain

https://your_domain:2083 أو your_domain / cpanel

However you cannot open this URL or you cannot log in even if you are using the correct username and password!

These issues usually occur when DNS changes are not fully propagated over the Internet, so until they are accessed you can log in to

cPanel account on

: https://your_LinuxVPS_IP:2083/

If you want to access WHM, go to:


Another mistake people usually make is trying to log into a cPanel account using [email protected]

as username when they actually need to use their actual cPanel username which is not an email address in WHM

You can see all created cPanel accounts and their usernames by going to:

Home » Account Information » Account List.



3- Your cPanel SSL Certificate on will expire in less than 30 days #

This warning is displayed via email or when logging into WHM / cPanel on secure ports and is

It’s usually caused by getting a self-signed certificate used by the server, how do you solve it?!

Let me answer you, it is very simple, all you have to do is log in to WHM and go to


Home »Service Configuration »Manage Service SSL Certificates

Then click Reset Certificate in the row for the service.


4- You do not have permission to create subdomains on the server with the host name #


You want to create a subdomain in the account that has the same domain as your server’s hostname, and you do the work

The regular you always do when creating a subdomain! However, you get this error message!

This happens because the subdomain you want to add is a subdomain of the domain in the server hostname, to process

This you need to login to WHM and go to


Home »Server Configuration »Tweak Settings.

Then select the following option:

“Allow users to park subdomains of the server’s hostname”

Set it and then click Save.


5- Sorry, the domain already points to an IP address that does not appear to be using DNS servers associated with this server. #

This problem occurs when trying to create an additional domain in the cPanel account and that domain uses DNS servers

Not affiliated with your server. You will then see this message:


Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS

servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers

or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the

Proper A entries on that remote nameserver.


There are two ways to solve this problem: #

1- Log in to WHM and go to Home » IP Functions » Configure Remote Service IPs.

Then click on the second tab on the right “Remote Name Server IPs” and enter the private IP address(es)

On the domain’s remote DNS server, you must enter one address per line, and then click Save.

2- From WHM go to the disk settings Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings and look for the option

“Allow Remote Domains”. Set it to On and click Save, please note that this is not recommended according to

Description: “Allow creation of parked/extra domains that resolve other servers (eg domain transfers) may be

This is a major security issue. If it must be enabled, make sure users are not allowed to put shared domains on the Internet. “If you

With this set to “On”, after creating the scope of the add-on, make sure that it is set again to “Off”.


6- Roundcube database error! #


When logging into RoundCube you get the following error:

Unable to connect to the database!e
Please contact your server-administrator.

To fix this, just login to your server via SSH and run:

# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube –force


Finally: After completing the explanation of the most common problems that users of the WHM cPanel control panel face #

These errors though common, can cause problems for Control Panel users, wasting their time a lot; So

You can consider this article as a reference to help you overcome these obstacles.


Of course, you don’t have to do any of this if you are using one of our web hosting services, in which case you can

Simply ask our support officials to assist you with any issue they are available 24×7 to assist you.

The The most common problems faced by WHM / cPanel users have been explained


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