Service Use Agreement

Our use policy aims to clarify the conditions that must be adhered to by the customer in order to maintain the continuity of his site

Service Use Agreement

This page contains the text of the service use agreement between you and “Hayat Host” Company. If you use the services provided by the site, this means your acknowledgment of your acceptance of all the terms and conditions written below and that you have read all the terms and conditions of use and that you accept and agree to them, and that you agree to read these terms and conditions carefully BEFORE USING ANY SERVICE FROM “HAYAT HOST”. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions, you may refrain from registering and accessing part or all of the Site.

Membership, password and confidentiality: After completing the registration process for any of the “Hayat Host” services, choosing the password and obtaining the service you registered with, you become responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and membership, and you are fully responsible for all activities that take place using the service.

And you agree to the following:

Members' behavior

By using any of Hayat Host’s services, you undertake to:

You will not upload, post, upload, publish, distribute or transmit through the Company, any of the following:

Material that offends, or prevents, or limits the use of Hayat Host Network or any website, or any website.

Material that is rude, offensive, slanderous, defamatory, or unlawfully threatening, or contains vulgar, obscene or pornographic language.

Encouraging or contributing to behavior of a criminal nature, civil liability, or violation of the law.

Anything that involves copyright infringement, infringement, or plagiarism of third party published material, whether they are, for example, rights holders, trademark holders, patent holders, breach of privacy, publicity rights, or any intellectual rights other.

  • Material that contains viruses, or any other harmful content.
  • Materials containin information, software, or any content of a commercial nature.
  • Materials containing commercial advertisements of any kind.
  • Material that contains misleading, false or untrue information.

Evacuation responsibilaty

The use of any of LifeHost’s services is conditional upon acceptance of those services as they are.

Including all site contents, software, functions, materials, and information available on it. or which may be accessed through it, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Hayat Host, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, do not represent, and do not grant licenses, to any type of website content, materials or information that may be accessed.

Whether through the software used in or accessed through Hayat Host, or any of the products, services or hypertexts that you link to third parties.

Or any breach of security associated with sending sensitive information through Hayat Host website.

or any website linked to it. Also, Hayat Host disclaims any express or implied liability for the functions it contains. or any of the materials, or the contents.

Including, without limitation, offer validity, or compatibility with particular or specific purposes.

The “Hayat Host” website does not guarantee the continuity of the functions or the materials contained therein, or that it is free from errors, and does not undertake to correct any defect or defect.

Hyatt Host shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, concurrent, or resultant damages.

whether in connection with earnings, trademarks, usage, data, or any other intangible loss arising from the use or omission of the Services.

Hayat Host is also not responsible for losses resulting from the purchase of goods, services, data, information, messages received, or any commercial transaction made through one of the site’s services. or for any unauthorized modification or access to your communications or data.

or from problems arising from contacting any third party, through a site service, or any other matter related to that service.


By joining Hayat Host, you agree to indemnify, support, and advocate for all parties working for Hayat with respect to compensation.

That is: (the site itself, its administrators, administrators, owners, agents, employees, information-providing entities, its branches, and entities granting licenses to or receiving licenses from).

protect them from harm, and release them from liability, or damages, in connection with any claim or complaint arising from your breach of this Agreement, or any terms, notices, or covenants you have made.

And pay all costs without exception, including attorneys’ fees.

You also agree to cooperate, to the fullest extent reasonably required, in the defense of Hyatt Host against any claims and demands.

Hayat Host, at its own expense, reserves the right to take the necessary defensive measures.

and lead any case or demand by you for compensation, and you are not entitled, in any way, to be assertive in any case, without the written consent of Hayat Host.

Contents of the Hayat Host website

The Hayat Host website contains links and references to other Internet sites and resources around the world. Links to official sponsors.

These links between Hayat Host, and any other websites (and vice versa), which are operated by a third party, do not hold Hayat Host, its subsidiaries, companies, or third parties, any responsibility.

It does not represent any kind of endorsement of the contents of those websites. Hayat Host is not responsible for the opinions, views, ideas, statements, and information displayed on or distributed through it. It does not represent the view of the site.

You are advised that any reliance on such opinions, advice, views, ideas, statements, reports and information is at your own risk.

Hayat Host reserves the right, at its own discretion, to correct any errors or malfunctions in any part of the Hayat Host site.

Hayat Host does not, and cannot, review all materials posted on its pages, which are registered by users, visitors and members.

Therefore, Hayat Host is not responsible for these materials.

Hayat Host reserves, in any case, its permanent right, when necessary, to disclose any information that would benefit justice, public order, and government requirements.

As well as in checking, revising, rejecting, or erasing any materials, in whole or in part, which Hayat Host, according to its own assessment, finds reprehensible or inconsistent with the terms of this agreement.

Entire agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire contract between you and Hayat Host, with respect to your use of the Hayat Host Services, whether free or paid.

Any claim, regarding any act related to your use of Hayat Host, must be filed within one month of submitting the objection, or of the reason for the said act arising.

If, for any reason, the competent judicial court finds that it is impossible to implement any provision of the Agreement, or part of it, this provision shall be applied to the maximum permissible and authorized limits.

So that the meaning of the agreement is implemented, provided that all other provisions and provisions of the agreement remain in effect.

Hayat Host disclaims any responsibility for the content of any third-party materials, which are available through the links on the Hayat Host website.

Legal jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute resulting from an act or behavior that violates the terms of this agreement, the relevant law is the applicable law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is also subject to the competent Saudi court, regardless of the right of the other party granted to him according to the legal rules in terms of location.

The parties to this agreement are not entitled to file any lawsuits outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the event of a dispute or dispute arising from the provisions of the application of this agreement.

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