Windows Hosting

Windows hosting HyyatHost provides you with secure and powerful hosting with plans and prices that suit you, with features that are compatible with all types of websites

Windows Hosting Plans

Windows provides you with secure and powerful hosting with plans and prices that suit you

Windows Hello 32 GB

  • Bandwidth / 300 GB per month
  • Email 30
  • Control Panel /Plesk
  • 512MB Cache
  • Processor 512MHz
  • Number of Subdomains / 2 Domains

Windows Class Unlimited

  • Bandwidth / 500 GB per month
  • Unlimited Email
  • Control Panel /Plesk
  • 2 GB Cache
  • Processor 1 GHz
  • Number of Subdomains / Infinite

Windows Business Unlimited

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • Control Panel /Plesk
  • 2.5 GB Cache
  • Processor 2 GHz
  • Number of Subdomains / Infinite

Windows Hosting Features

There are many reasons to choose Host Life that distinguish us from others

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Protection and security

Our servers have a high-level security system that ensures their non-stop work, with protection programs that stop any attempt to hack or DDos attacks

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Service Stability

We provide a distinguished and stable service, characterized by the highest rate of stability and presence on the network 99.9% due to its reliance on advanced technology in the field of infrastructure

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High Performance Servers

Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon E7 processors, DDR4 ECC RAM, high-performance MLC, SAS, NVMe SSDs

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Storage Disks

Hayat Host uses the highest SSD-NVMe technology to add to your site faster performance and browsing.

Windows Operating System

Windows provides you with secure and powerful hosting with plans and prices that suit you as much as you can Take advantage of the feature set of the Windows operating system, which supports extensive programming Usage of ASP.NET and .NET languages.

Transfer your website for free

Hayat Host provides free transfer services for your entire website and domain on our servers.

Easy-to-use control panel

We offer you the easiest and most popular panel used in the field of Windows hosting, which is plesk

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Professional Technical Support

Hayat Host has a professional technical support team with more than ten years of experience that is available around the clock to follow up the sites and ensure their work at the best level


Stop worrying about losing the site, for Hayat Host does a daily, weekly and monthly back-up in addition to a copy on an external hard disk to preserve the site

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What is Windows Shared Hosting?

There are many reasons to choose Windows Shared Hosting from Hayat Host that differentiate us from others

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