fair consumption policy

A legally binding agreement between you and the individual or official representative of the organization

fair consumption policy

fair consumption policy is a legally binding agreement between you and an individual or an official representative of an organization. In this way, you must obligate your organization to implement the terms of this agreement, which are clarified and put in your hands. The terms and conditions of the fair consumption policy and other documents governing the provision of the service. The Service is licensed to you upon your acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Therefore, please read the agreement carefully before starting to use the service. By placing your order for the service, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of the fair consumption policy. And you have expressed your full agreement to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement. For your information, you will not be allowed to access the Service unless you agree to the terms of this Agreement.

General Terms

Hayat Host has the right to refuse to host any website that it considers to be in violation of the company’s general policies without giving reasons.

The company also has the right, in order to maintain the quality of service provided to its customers, to stop any site hosted by it that violates the fair use policy, which affects the service provided by the company to customers or exposes the rest of the sites hosted by the company to be suspended, whether the suspension is temporary or permanent.

Storage Spaces & Resources

1 / The number of files in the client’s account should not exceed 100,000 files.

Any site that exceeds this limit is subject to suspension if the customer does not take steps to reduce the number of files in their account.

2/ The number of tables in a single database should not exceed 1000 tables, and the database space should not exceed 1 GB.

Any account that contains a database that exceeds the allowed limit will be notified and subject to suspension unless steps are taken to reduce the size of the database.

3 / Customer accounts on this hosting plan:

Their consumption of processors and memory on the servers is measured to ensure that they do not reach the maximum plan so as not to affect the overall performance of the server and the stability of the sites on it.

4 / Hayat Host Company has the right to maintain the level and quality of service to take whatever steps it deems appropriate

Against accounts that misuse the resources available to them or exceed the resource limit.

5 / No internal or external backups are provided for sites hosted on limited plans

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