Application programming

Hayat Host Company provides a professional and creative mobile application programming service that is compatible with all mobiles. You need an application for your site to achieve a wider spread among your customers and visitors to your site in an era in which the use of mobiles has spread widely.


The importance of application programming

Browsing the site on mobile with the app is much faster and smoother than using the browser, Hayat Host delivers high performance Quality and perfection guarantee a high-end application that achieves your site more spread and users’ trust. You will be impressed by the applications of Hayat Host for websites and the extent of their effectiveness and ease, which guarantees the visitor browsing and communication in an easier way. You will get a powerful and effective application like the rest of the applications that you install on your mobile, With the spread of modern technology, mobile and tablet users are constantly increasing, and the mobile application for websites has become one of the urgent necessities for website owners to ensure smooth access to customers and visitors.

Application features

Examples of features that your app will have


Voice notifications

Get Sound Notifications feature on your phone and customer phone

easy return

scalable application

Imagine getting ready to start developing your mobile app business with easily configurable and customizable programming


Create a membership in the application

It provides a membership creation feature that enables you to log in with an account in the application that enables you to use the application

debit card

online payment

In light of the technological advancement and the innovation of e-commerce, the concept of electronic payment has emerged, which is a solution for the implementation of remote payment operations

shopping cart

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a cart that stores generally provide to customers within these electronic stores in order to move products within the application easily

easy use

Easy to use

The ease with which the visitor can browse the web application or the site and interact with it.

Programming Android and iPhone applications

The company programmes mobile and tablet applications, whether they run on Android or iPhone alike.


The application is programmed and uploaded to the Google Play Store. It is worth noting that the Android system accounts for 75% of the smartphone market.


The application is programmed and uploaded to the App Store and is compatible with iPhone phones and iPad tablets.

knowledge base

You will find a lot of questions and inquiries answered from Hayat Host, collecting ideas and problems that you may encounter in using your site with a large number of tips and hints collected through years of work and experience.

technical support cards

Use Hayat Host's technical support system, where the technical support team answers your inquiries regarding services or solving problems, and follow up the performance of our services and periodic updates launched by Hayat Host.

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