Design and programming terms

Design and programming skills

شروط التصميم والبرمجة

Design and Programming Terms These are the binding conditions for Hayat Host and the client when agreeing to do programming and designing a particular website.

Design Terms

  • The customer has the right to request the design he wants in the color and shape he wants, provided that the design does not contain anything that violates customs and traditions, such as obscene and inappropriate images
  • Proofs of work and final work are shown to the client in PNG format and the client has no right to exploit the image in any way
  • The customer has the right to modify the design as he sees fit before final approval of the work
  • The customer has the right to reject the design for one time only after looking at his picture with giving reasons, provided that he sends us certain data and information on the basis of which work will be done in the new rehearsal
  • The customer must follow up the work continuously to avoid any delay in the agreed period.
  • The last response in his ticket is the duration of the delay, and he has no right to demand that we abide by the specified period, and the work will continue to him from where it stopped.
  • When a change occurs in the customer’s opinion about the required design after its completion and presentation of rehearsal, he bears this change and loses his right to recover any amounts paid.
  • If the client agrees to the final result of the work, programming and coding will begin
  • After delivering the design to the client by any agreed means, Hyatt Host shall not be responsible for any modifications to the work
  • Hyatt Host Company disclaims any responsibility for anything that happens to the design from tampering, sabotage or leakage by the owner of the site or any other person not affiliated with Hyatt Host
  • It must be taken into account that each of the defects resulting from the design and hosting in the case of dealing with other companies is not our specialty
  • The client pays at least half of the agreed amount before starting work by the Hayat Host team, and the remaining amount is paid after the rehearsal for the work is delivered and the client agrees to it
  • The design work period is calculated starting from the date of receiving the first payment of the amount
  • The delivery date of the work may increase by a maximum of 7 days from the date of delivery due to the nature of the design service and the capabilities of the project
  • Hayat Host Company is not responsible for any modification, repair or malfunction resulting from modifying the code by you or any other programmer from outside the company
  • The customer has no right to remove the rights of Hayat Host from the design. In the event that this happens – God forbid – Hayat Host Company reserves the right to publish the design for free
  • If the customer wishes to remove the company’s design rights, a cost will be added to the order at the rate of 40% of the total cost of the order
  • We are not responsible for the transfer of the content of the site, the articles on the site, or the topics on the site. Our work is limited to design only

Programming Terms

  • It is forbidden to use the company’s scripts on any website that violates Islamic law
  • You are not entitled to remove the software rights without consulting and obtaining permission from the company’s management
  • Special software is private to the customer and he has no right to trade it without referring to the company’s management
  • When you request a special programming, you are not entitled to request additional additions and modifications after the request is approved and approved
  • When requesting special programming, the details of the request must be clear and complete, as the details are what show the cost and duration of work
  • Any additional details that are requested that are not recorded at the beginning of the agreement will have an additional value depending on the amount of work required
  • Paid scripts are only licensed for one domain and when you change domain you have to change the license
  • You can work with the same license on more than one site at a lower cost, but you have to agree with technical support

Note: Hyyat Host reserves the right to stop any services for which the invoices due for renewal have not been paid and does not bear responsibility for any damage that may occur to the customer as a result of that, or any loss of his data.

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