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Shared Hosting

الاستضافة المشتركة
  • HyyatHost offers you new plans commensurate with small websites that do not need large areas with distinct specifications and well-thought-out prices, open hosting plans, forum hosting, WordPress hosting, hosting small companies websites

Company Hosting

استضافة الشركات
  • Well-thought-out plans suitable for all sites, especially companies and institutions, with high-level servers and expert technical support around the clock to ensure quality of service, dedicated servers for corporate sites to ensure their operation with the best quality

Email Hosting

استضافة البريد الالكترونى
  • Dedicated hosting for e-mail, and because you need professionalism in your e-mail correspondence without annoying messages, while ensuring that your mail arrives securely, ask for professional e-mail hosting

cloud servers

السيرفرات السحابية
  • Keeping a backup copy of the data or restoring it again is one of the important things for web hosting, so to ensure that important data is preserved and to ensure that it is restored in case of loss or damage, request a backup service

private servers

السيرفرات الخاصة
  • Be with the best and most powerful servers used around the world and ensure that your sites do not stop, with resources fully dedicated to you with servers that suit all requirements

Backup Service

خدمة النسخ الاحتياطى
  • It is one of the best solutions for you in the world of the web, as it gives you the ability to manage your server comfortably and safely. We offer you competitive prices and multiple plans that give you the ability to choose what matches your requirements.

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Hyyat Host is an official Saudi company based in Riyadh and is one of the leaders in the hosting list, as it has leadership in the world of hosting and excellence in customer service.

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about us

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Everything you need to move from just an idea to a successful project. Start now by reserving the appropriate domain for your project and choose the site design from the distinguished packages offered by HyyatHost to reach wonderful results and new capabilities.

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There are many payment methods for Hyyat Host, as we have provided many payment methods to suit the vast majority of customers, seeking to provide the highest degrees of ease and smoothness in dealing, comfort and security, and to save time and effort for our valued customers.

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payment method

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Hyyat Host has provided many ways to communicate with customers, where you can choose the method that suits you best to communicate with us, and we assure that we always strive to serve you and meet your requests without any default.

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