Website design is the most important foundation on which the site is based in terms of aesthetics

Website design comes in the first place in terms of importance to attract visitors and ensure that a large number of them stay to follow your site, and due to the multiplicity of types of sites, site designs also differ, each site needs a certain type of design to meet the desired goal and perfection in the process of producing the appropriate form, followed by the coding process And then the successful software that plays the primary role in the final appearance of the site for the user.

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Is the design successful?

Is every completed design can be called successful? The answer is definitely no. Some sites are traditional, devoid of innovation, art, and mastery. They do not achieve the desired goal of showing the site in the required manner. Therefore, we care a lot about the appearance of the site, whatever its type, and we create renewable and different ideas in achieving the shape of a distinctive site, taking into account the customer’s taste and requirements, to reach in the end to An elaborate and distinguished work that gives a positive and striking impression to the visitors of the site of different tastes and to meet the desires of all customers. Hosting Hayat Host implements all kinds of different designs based on the latest technologies and a distinguished and creative team that possesses a creative thought capable of creating new and advanced ideas, which Make your site a point of difference from the prevailing ideas in the world of websites.

Design and content

  • Content should be as legible and clear as possible and the background design should not interfere with the content in any way
  • The navigation system should be easy and clear to the user, so that no effort is required to reach the page to be accessed
  • Navigation links should also be visible on the page and in a prominent place
  • Informs the user on which page the site is by clarifying the address in a visible place or by changing the link color of the page it is on
  • Site pages must be homogeneous, so the user will recognize them as a page of the site even if the internal pages are significantly different from the main page
  • The site’s design is characterized by ease of download, as usually the Internet browser does not have enough patience to wait for a site to be loaded for a long time, and if it finds it taking more time than usual, it will leave it, so work must be done to make the site Opens quickly.

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