The importance of the technical support center

The importance of the technical support center

Definition: #

It is a script for clients
There is a separate account for each customer
It has multiple departments according to specialization, and all correspondence between the client and Hyyat Host Company is recorded.

Technical Support Center at Hyyat Host: #

It is a special script for technical support for clients of the type whmc and the importance of the technical support center lies
It is one of the strongest types of customer support service centers in the world
Which are used by the most powerful international companies, for example, but not limited to:
NASA, Peugeot, FedEx, Toshiba, and Hitachi
IKANA is the world’s top international organization for domains
We have been using it since our inception 18 years ago
The script contains high-level features that help in customer service.

Features of the support center available at Hyyat Host: #

1/ Each customer has a special account in which all his data is placed with all his correspondence with us and his tickets, and they remain preserved for many years without
Delete where it is possible to go back to previous years and know all the belongings of the client’s site since it was hosted by us until the moment of the search.

2/ The support center is highly protected and is automatically linked to customer emails and the Domains and Accounting Center that we have provided to customers (it will be explained later) as the customer’s accounts we have are all linked together and no mistake or errors can occur in a customer’s account in any way.

3 / The script is in different international languages ​​and has been fully localized by our technical team to facilitate the process of dealing with it through the technical support staff without facing any problems.



What is the importance of the Technical Support Center: #

As we have already mentioned, every client we have has his own account with all his data and correspondence with our team.
And it is reserved without any deletion of any correspondence between the client and the work team.
Here lies the importance of the technical support center, where the customer can prove any agreement made between him and us through the tickets in his account.
The technical support center is considered primarily to fully preserve the rights of our client, as:
1- All correspondence is linked to the client’s email registered with us, and a copy of it is sent to this email.
2- The customer can print all the contents of his account and keep it with him.
3- The client can review all his correspondence with us from the moment he became our client for years.
4- He can easily follow ticket correspondence through his email directly.
5- Each customer has only one account with all his data, and it is not possible to deal with any other account that requests information
About a specific site and you must login to the main account to ask about any information.
In the event that the customer loses his account data for any reason, we will have strict procedures

We ask the customer many questions regarding his location, payment processes and the date of subscription

To verify that he is indeed the owner of the lost account
This preserves the right of each customer and his location data.


Why open a ticket: #

The ticket is important in the customer’s account because its content is recorded in writing, which preserves the right of the customer and the company together
In any agreement entered into between the parties.
Any amounts paid by the customer are recorded.
The data of the customer’s site is placed within it.

Why is the agreement not reached via phone call? A ticket must be opened: #

There are many reasons why we insist that the customer open a ticket and we list them in two points

They stress the importance of the Technical Support Center:


* In case the customer has a problem: #

You must open a ticket and explain the problem you are facing and put a picture of the error shown to it, which will make it easier for me
The support team understood the problem when reviewing it and looking at the picture of the problem.
As it is via a phone call that we cannot clearly understand the problem and may not be able to provide full assistance.

* In case of requesting a new site: #

1/ Calling and explaining what is required is not enough. The sales employee will understand what is required, but when he is transferred to the concerned employee, he may forget one of the details.
And perhaps the customer himself forgets some details, and when agreeing and completing the work, a problem may appear because the forgotten details are not mentioned. This may cause problems with the customer, which is the most important thing to avoid.
2/ When the customer fully explains what is required of the website, including accurate details, and places similar links to his request, the ticket will be transferred to the relevant department.
The department studies the request and inquires from the customer about any unclear points.
This is useful in explaining all the requirements and conveying the whole idea without shortage to the work team before starting
Which leads to the completion of the work completely and properly.
3 / The ticket that the client discusses the required project is the complete reference for us and the client at work
There is no shortage of work required by us, and it does not leave room for any party to suspect a shortage or an item that has not been done.
Which means that the explanation ticket is a reference to preserve the rights of both parties.
4/ Upon completion of the work, handing it over and closing the ticket. The client may come back to us again to request some additions or modifications.
Here, this ticket is referred to in order to know what has been done and how the additions are made according to the method of work that was done previously, which makes it easier for both parties to understand the additional requests.

Description of our technical support center: #

* Membership registration: The customer registers a membership in the support center according to the explanation on the following link: #

Register for a membership in the Technical Support Center #


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