What do I do when the site is down due to abuse

What do I do when the site is down due to abuse

What is an abuse report? #

It is a new feature that has been added to the client area and it helps in displaying the abuse report in the event that one of the sites occurs

And know the reason for the suspension of the site

Although many people use support cards, this method requires a lot of work and many different strategies to help determine the cause of the problem.

See the following explanation to learn more about it, click here


How do I know that my site has been reported as abuse? #

When you enter the customer area, the abuse report will appear to you and it will be as follows:

Note: The administrator has enabled lock down.
If you have any open abuse reports you will not be able to browse other pages, please resolve them first!

In this case, you will know that there is an abuse report on your site

What should I do when an abuse report appears for my service site? #

1: Do not have fear, this is a normal thing that happens to most sites on the Internet

2: Do not rush to seek help from technical support before completing his reading and following up on the rest of the explanation in the article or reading the report on the abuse

3: It will show you reports of abuse about the reason for stopping, and that will be visible in front of a category, and it will also show you the status, date and response, as in the following picture:

All of this helps to begin to understand why

4: We open the report and read it well to understand the cause of the problem and its solution. The report often has a solution to the problem and help.

Follow the following picture:

5: Open the site or service so that you can control the site and deal with it and solve the problem, after entering the report and reading it as in the previous step, you will find the word Unsuspend above, click on it as in the following picture:

Note: In the event that the service is not opened, please respond through the report and tell us about that, as in the following picture:

6: After solving the problem and completing it, please tell us so that we can close the report for you, because your site or service has not stopped

What happens if I can’t solve the problem? #

In this case, do not hesitate to contact us by opening a ticket through the customer area, after following the previous steps

What do I do when the site is down due to abuse

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