Add additional users and sub-accounts

Add additional users and sub-accounts

introduction #

You can create additional users for a storage box via the bot. FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, SMB/CIFS, HTTPS, and WebDAV are available as protocols for these users. Additional users/sub-accounts can only access a sub-directory of the main user, and they use the storage space of the main user. The master user will have full access to the directories of all sub-accounts.

You can only delete a sub-account directory if you have already deleted the same sub-account via the bot.

Explanation of use #

1- We log in through the client area through the following link

client area

login the storage box from the customer area

We enter our email and password

2- After logging in, we go to the services and click on them to show us the services that we have subscribed to

login the storage box from the customer area

3- After our services appear, we click on Storage Boxes until we enter and control the service

login the storage box from the customer area

4- After entering the storage box service, the control panel will appear in the storage box, and this is what we will explain in the upcoming lessons.


5- To create a sub-account, we click on Add sub-account as shown in the picture

Add additional users and sub-accounts

6- It will show us the information that needs to be added

Home directory: choose the root directory of the storage space

Comment/Name: Add a description or something you know

Other information: The permissions you want to give to the sub-user


Note: From these options it is possible to set a sub-account as read-only. Then sub-account users cannot upload or delete files. But they can access the subdirectory and download files.

Add additional users and sub-accounts

After completing the selection of the appropriate settings for you, we click on confirm

7- After completing these previous steps, we scroll down to display all the data for the sub-account, whether the user name, password or link to the display.

To access a sub-account, you must use the sub-account username and sub-account domain (eg


Add additional users and sub-accounts

Server: login link

User Name: The name of the user

Password: The password for the sub-account

Comment: Description added

The main directory: the main directory that has been selected


Modify properties, add a property, or delete a property

Delete the account and subfolder

اضافه مستخدمون إضافيون و حسابات فرعية Change the account password

Add additional users and sub-accounts

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