CXS Tool from ConfigServer

CXS Tool from ConfigServer

In our desire in Hyyat Host to develop for the better, we have installed the CXS tool on all our servers.

This is to increase the security of our hosted sites


Detailed description of the tool: #

Explanation of the tool in detail: CXS is a new tool provided by ConfigServer.

The idea of the tool is to check the files uploaded by users or beneficiaries in general.

It blocks files or deletes suspicious files such as phpshell and malicious files.


أداة CXS من ConfigServer

It is worth noting that the ConfigServer eXploit Scanner tool works to filter files edited by the widespread IFrame virus.

Especially in sites where those responsible have very little experience.”

It also works to combat spam files used in spam, or in the simplest term of mailer files, the CXS tool works in two ways: automatic and instant population.

In addition to the designated population and this you do whenever you want!



Tool features: #

  • You can identify 4500 known viruses
  • Detection of viruses known by ClamAV
  • You can identify unknown viruses by matching some variables and codes
  • Detect malicious files by matching file name
  • suspicious files
  • Detect suspicious extensions
  • Detect and check binary executables
  • And more…


Tool control: #

The tool contains a CLI system, which is known as the Command Line Interface, and a graphical web interface as well as a UI that enables you to:

  • check work
  • Setting and modifying scan options and CRON
  • command port
  • View, Edit, Delete and Restore Quarantine Files
  • Find out the latest files that have been modified on the server

Tool requirements: #

  • Cpanel/WHM Control Panel (the rest of the panels will be added soon according to what the developers say)
  • Linux operating system. Redhat distribution or one of the distributions based on it
  • Apache Web Server v2+
  • ClamAV Antivirus
  • Mod Security version 2+
  • FTP server pure-ftpd
  • csf (optional, to add more features)


To preview the look and properties of the tool: #

  • Homepage
  • CRON . page
  • help page
  • Locked files page
  • check page

Note: The tool is not free

SXS Tool Explanation Completed by ConfigServer

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