Why Hayat Host

that characterizes the life of the host A question asked by customers within the huge number of companies working in the same specialty From this standpoint, we would like to explain to you with pride that what distinguishes us.

Hayat Host

We are not a hosting for-profit company that puts its profits above the interests of customers and we do not sacrifice our values and principles to complete profitable deals only. We are not a traditional hosting company that is not scalable and keeps pace with global developments. We also do not claim perfection, but we are confident that we are among the first who provide the same service. A trust that we gained with effort over many years that lasted for 16 years, during which we spared no effort to develop and strive to be at the forefront, serve our customers, and provide the utmost comfort in dealing. With transparency and credibility and with clear and frank statements that fully speak about Host's life.​


Official Saudi company

Hayat Host is an official Saudi company with a commercial registry established since 2002, providing web services to all customers with great effort, high quality and the latest international technologies

After sales service

Not only do we have the ability to convince the customer to buy, but we care that the service after the sale is much better than before the sale because we are keen on the customer’s comfort and follow up with him in the best way and in the smallest details so that he can later deal with the entire Hayat Host team with comfort and without any effort or trouble or Face any difficulties

Professional sales team

Our effort is to provide a skilled sales team in dealing with customers that is characterized by credibility, cooperation, convenience for the customer and assistance in the smallest details and inquiries to get him to what he aspires to from establishing his site. To be a distinguished team in performance capable of serving customers in the best way

Hosting customers requires the highest levels of performance and service, so we are working to provide them. We work hard to follow up on customers to excel in providing the best service to them through speed in responding to their tickets and following up on any problems they face and solving them as quickly as possible to ensure the optimal functioning of their sites, with the presence of a technical support team Highly experienced is available around the clock to follow up and solve any problems in record time compared to global hosting companies

Perfect work team

We have a highly qualified team that is highly trained to be able to deal with any problem efficiently and quickly that you may not feel that it has occurred due to the speed of work in solving and following up. We also provide appropriate solutions to the needs of each client and each site where you can get exactly what your business needs with the availability of safety and flexibility The speed of service and the price commensurate with your needs, budget and e-work

Competitive prices with high quality

We work to provide its services to all types of users and satisfy all potential budgets of individuals and companies, and our prices are competitive for many compared to the quality of the service provided. Development to face and anticipate future challenges and overcome them and keep pace with the global market in the field of work

high quality servers

We have high-quality servers from the most powerful data centers that are characterized by speed and high performance that withstand high pressure from sites on them, with highly experienced server management and able to manage and follow up servers with experience of no less than ten years and with high-level qualifications capable of solving the most complex problems in a short time

Integrated backup

We work by all means to preserve customer sites and not lose them for any reason. It makes full backups on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for all sites, in addition to having backups on external hard disks as a backup to ensure that the site is not lost and the customer’s effort is lost on his site, so there is no concern about ensuring the presence of The site and its continuity on the web

Safety, protection and stability

One of the most important elements of the continuity of hosting is that it enjoys high protection, security, and server stability in a way that ensures that websites work on them without any problems.

Great service for one price

We work with high credibility and offer the best service with the same hosting. When you choose any hosting plan to transfer your site to it, we do the transfer to you for free and in record time to avoid you from stopping the site for a large period of time and we strive to work in the best possible way in addition to that we offer you a service to restore your money within 30 days after the transfer process In case you find a problem with our hosting or servers

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