Ready-made scripts

Ready-made scripts are software that fulfill the ready-made purpose of some types of websites, as there are many types of websites and they differ according to what each website requires of certain characteristics that comply with the requirements for running the script for this website. There are sites that need to do special programming because they contain certain ideas that no ready-made script can fulfill the required purpose. There are sites whose idea is general and common and can be implemented through ready-made scripts programmed specifically for this type. For this reason, Hayat Host has worked on developing some software and programming others. To come up with the idea of ​​ready-made scripts that cover the requirements of customers who need such sites and that meet their requirements and at reasonable prices without the need to do special programming that may cost them a lot of money and time. This saves them time, effort and money. Taking into account that the script is easy to use and apply, and taking into account the possibility of making any possible modifications to be fully proportional to the required site and achieve the purpose of its establishment.

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Here you will find many ready-made scripts of various content

It is ready for installation on your sites in a short time with the possibility of making your own design commensurate with the nature of your business and the general content of your site, where you can choose the appropriate script for you through the list of scripts available at Hayat Host.

Hyatt Host Ready Scripts

Online Store

It is a script dedicated to marketing and publishing your products on the web, to reach the largest segment of customers interested in the product you are marketing for, and the online store is the fastest way to launch...

Marriage sites script

A special script for marriage sites provided by Hayat Host for those interested in providing dating service for the purpose of marriage. It contains great possibilities that facilitate the process of communication between members for acquaintance with the aim of marriage according to Islamic law...

Real estate life script

The real estate script is for real estate owners and those interested in real estate marketing, the programming of Hayat Host allows the user to display his real estate in an optimal way, which enables him to display his real estate and deliver it to the largest segment of interested people...

Life Medical Script

Hayat Medical Script is a script for owners of hospitals and specialized health centers. The programming of Hayat Host provides you with the possibility to advertise your health services in the best possible way. It contains all the features...

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You will find a lot of questions and inquiries answered from Hayat Host, collecting ideas and problems that you may encounter in using your site with a large number of tips and hints collected through years of work and experience.

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