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For the ease and speed of communication with our team, we have provided in Hayat Host many ways to communicate with customers. (Contact us)

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In the event that you do not find an answer to your inquiries through the available communication methods, you can contact by phone or talk via WhatsApp and in cases of necessity and when our employees are not available on the sales chat or do not respond to your tickets within a maximum period of 24 hours so that the matter can be followed up by us.


Saudi Arabia
7042 Tamam Al-Habashi
Al Wurud District, 12251 3040


0509683461 - 00966509683461
0509683461 - 00966509683461

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Marketing and sales management:
[email protected]
Site Management:
[email protected]
Company Sales:
[email protected]

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Hayat Host has provided a database that includes many common questions of interest to the customer and includes many answers to the questions that the customer may have, collected and arranged so that other users can benefit from them at any time.

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Hayat Host has a development institute dedicated to members only, in which the questions posed by the technical support team are answered immediately, and these questions and inquiries are unloaded by the members first-hand in an organized database for easy browsing and the visitor can view and benefit from them without registration, but any inquiry requires The user is required to register a membership in order to be able to write his inquiry and have it answered by the Hayat Host team.

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Hayat Host has provided a specialized sales team to respond to customer inquiries quickly and directly. It is present on the site 24 hours a day. Its mission is to follow up on each customer and respond to all his questions raised with ease and ease. It is possible to communicate with the sales team on our sales chat with ease and effortlessly, where the customer can: Click on the connected sales icon. You will find it in all the pages of our website at the top on the left. The name, mail, mobile number, and inquiry are written, and within seconds, you will find our sales team communicating with you and answering all your inquiries and assistance and providing you with the best assistance. For ease, you can click on the icon and communicate with us.

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Hayat Host has provided a specialized and high-level technical support center and is considered the first in the world, as it is used by the largest international companies (WHMC program) which is easy to deal with and provides the customer with the best ways to place his ticket and inquiries without any trouble. The ticket does not exceed two hours, with continuous follow-up to customer responses and respond to them immediately.

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In the event that you do not find an answer to any inquiry in the sales chat, you can easily and easily contact us by opening a ticket at the technical support center and it will be followed up. The matter is not limited to our customers only, but any new customer can open a direct ticket and put all his inquiries with us and we will respond to them as soon as they arrive.

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