Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center is dedicated to you and to serve you, our dear customers

Customer Service Center Mission

Hosting Hayat has equipped a specialized sales team that is concerned with direct customer service.

It works to provide you with assistance, respond to any inquiries and assist you in the smallest details that you need.

After the customer subscribes to any of our services, he is followed up with him from the moment of payment so that the value is confirmed to him.

He is instructed on how to register an account in our technical support center and how to create a ticket and follow it.

With our professional sales team in customer service, our dear customer will not face any difficulties in obtaining the service you need, just contact us through the customer service window and you will find us at your service directly.

Or you can write your request directly by clicking on open a new ticket for your inquiry and the request will be followed up and answered directly by our team and contact you to serve you

The Hyatt Host team is happy to contact you

It provides you with the best customer service without any delay or omission.

For any inquiries, contact us in all fields: hosting, design, programming, technical support, and inquiries about your site

Or even if you encounter any problem, do not hesitate to ask for our help and contact us. We are a team that works to serve the customer and provide the best possible service to him. We are happy with your constant communication.

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