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Comparison of advanced cloud server management levels

The number of sites on the server
Hardware Component Test
Solve hard gear problems
Network problem solving
Login data recovery
Reinstall the operating system
Regular system updates
firewall layer
emergency promotions
Lock the operating system
early intrusion detection layer
Brute force attack detection layer
Securing a PHP environment
Backup Management
Distribution and balancing of loads
MySQL Technology
vulnerabilities database
Real-time security check
Isolate malicious files
Check old app versions
SPAM mail check
Dedicated account manager
Provide a copy of the system
Provide backup
Administration core Free
Advanced Management Level 1 $57
1 - 30
Advanced Management Level 2 $97
31 - 80
Advanced Management Enterprise $137
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It is a multi-layered security system for Linux environments to automatically block cyberattacks at any threat level using a combination of specific machine learning tools and the strength of our community. It is powerful, fast to deploy, and easy to use with just a few clicks.

A site running in a Linux environment, Shared web hosting providers, or anyone with multiple websites, Or a VPS if your profile is about web hosting

Makes your server secure and gives you peace of mind Saves your valuable time and resources by protecting your servers and websites from attacks. Relieves DDOS. Protects from bot attacks.

Significantly reduces server alerts, It reduces the load of your server, thus improving its performance, Increases server uptime and SLAs, Increases the satisfaction of your customers.

Specialized solution for shared web hosting providers, Complete suite of tools and solutions (a collection of best practices in one), Protected by a global cloud-based defense network, Provide centralized management of multiple servers, The market-leading solution, the first of its kind, Ease of use.

game server providers, Clients with isolated networks (servers without public IP addresses).

Hackers attack an average of 2,244 times a day. (University of Maryland) 69% of organizations do not believe that the threats they see can be blocked by antivirus software. (Ponemon Institute) 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Even the largest hosting providers are not immune to common security vulnerabilities. In 2019, GoDaddy, one of the largest domain registrars in the world, experienced a breach that affected 28,000 customers.

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