One of the ways in which cybercriminals can gain access to the server is by using a backdoor. Once installed, the backdoor allows hackers to bypass typical security measures and access the victim’s server whenever they want. Even if the initial security threat is stopped, the hacker can use the backdoor to control the server without having to start the attack cycle again.

Backdoors are often used for targeted web attacks, including backdoors installed on WordPress sites.

Once a hacker takes control of your server through a backdoor, it will make it a part of their bot network and start using your server resources to carry out attacks on other devices. This not only takes resources from your server functions; It also puts your server at risk of being blacklisted as a malicious IP address.


The server is blacklisted

Google Alerts (phishing/malware content) on websites

Malicious files on the server

Spam email

External attacks

High resource usage

Powerful malware detection at Life Host

Backdoors are usually installed as malware and provide access to the server, so that an attacker can use server resources. It is essential to block and remove the infected malware file as soon as possible to prevent the hacker from creating other backdoors in the system.

Hackers’ technologies are constantly evolving, and they have spread malware that is disguised as regular system files. Traditional malware detection methods are ineffective against these new threats. That’s why a new resource-friendly approach has been introduced that can detect any obscure malware attempt while providing a very low positive error rate. To me, we use unique technology to detect malware on your server.

Lifehost Malware Detection Module detects infected files and goes one step further, putting them in quarantine to prevent any further damage to your server.

How do we differ in other malware detection solutions?


Full Quick Check

When a new pattern is added to the malware detection module, the full scan can run at an amazing speed without reading all the files again. This reduces resources and quickly identifies emerging threats.


Friendship of resources

Host Life uses caching on two levels: it stores malware analysis results in memory and a database cache. We also use the latest technologies to reduce resource usage: Auditd file monitoring and Aho-Corascik algorithms.


Uncover the mysterious code

The latest threat to server security is obfuscated malware. Conventional malware detection cannot find these infected files. Lifehost will read the code structure and even decompile the code to find hidden malware.


structural analysis

Hayat Host Malware Detection Module combines the most advanced analysis technologies. Our first approach in the field of technology to detect malware and is the first in the field of structural analysis and detection of vulnerabilities inside the server


Customized Malware Outlook

You can add custom malware patterns to your database. When you add it to a single server, the changes will be applied to all servers as well. Managing custom signatures is easy with Hayat Host. After executing a new signature, it will be in 'Registry Only' mode. It will only be active after the result is confirmed, so you can safely add new malware patterns without any harmful effects.


Malware database from trusted sources

There is strength in numbers! One of the biggest benefits of LifeHost Malware Detection Module is our malware database backed by thousands of protected servers around the world. This allows us to protect all the servers we run from zero attacks much earlier.


automatic system

The "honeypotify" function will automatically create an attraction that will capture any attacks. Replacing a backdoor with a web attraction is an effective way to catch attackers looking for weaknesses on your servers.


Defense Robot

Oftentimes, detecting and removing malware from the server is not enough. Unlike other solutions, Hyyat Defense Robot will find the source of the infection automatically. The attacker's IP address will be blocked, and the abused domain/URI will be automatically "notified".


Yes, you can get daily and weekly email reports about malware detected on your server. If you use WhatsApp, you can also get instant alerts about infected files through WhatsApp.

We are constantly adding new malware patterns to the Hyyat Malware Detection module. Structure analysis technology keeps the database up to date with the latest threats. De Hyatt Host server plan users can also add custom signatures to the database, so all of their protected servers have an extra layer of security from the power of crowdsourcing.

Yes, and we also encourage you to do so if you find malware. You can easily add new styles from the Hayat Host dashboard or in the CLI. Don’t worry, newly added signatures will start in Signature Only mode and will only be active after you confirm the results in the main dashboard. This keeps our aggregated malware database secure and provides a strong shield against emerging threats.

Our malware detection module has a very low false positive rate, but in the rare case that Life Host names a suspicious file as malware, you can easily recover it from quarantine. It’s just a click away in the Life Host dashboard or a simple command in

CLI: bitninjacli –restore=/path/to/file

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