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Free hosting for a month. Transfer your site now for free to our company and get a free trial for a month on all hosting plans with Hyyat Host.

Transfer your site to our hosting and get:

Advantages of our offer and transfer hosting

استضافة مجانية

Free Hosting

After transferring your website to our company, you will get a free month to try the service on any of our hosting plans

نقل مجاني

Free transfer

Free transfer to your site. Our staff will take care of transferring all the files and databases of the website to your main web hosting account.

شهادة أمان SSL مجانًا

Free SSL Certificate

After transferring your site to a company, you will receive a free SSL security certificate to increase the security of your site

السداد والدفع


The price of the hosting plan chosen by you will be paid after a month from the date of booking the plan. The period is calculated from the date of payment, and the trial month is not calculated.

استضافة مجانية لشهر

Service stability

We provide a distinguished and stable service, characterized by the highest rate of stability and presence on the network, 99.9%, due to its reliance on advanced technology in the field of infrastructure.

استضافة مجانية لشهر

Professional Technical Support

Hayat Host has a professional technical support team with more than ten years of experience. We are available around the clock to monitor the sites and ensure they operate at the best level

Move your site in 3 simple steps

1. Choose Your Hosting

Choose the hosting package you want and order it

We offer many diverse hosting plans that suit everyone, choose the one that suits you:

Company Hosting

Shared Hosting

Windows Hosting

Email Hosting

Once you complete your application, you will receive detailed instructions for managing your site using cpanel, FTP, mail, etc.

2. Website Transfer

Transferring your site to Hayat Host is very simple.

Our staff will take care of transferring all files and databases. Your site will continue to operate normally during the transfer without any interruption, provided that a backup is provided!

If you have the necessary knowledge, you can perform the conversion yourself. If you want to move the site yourself, you will first need to get a backup (files and databases, if applicable) via your previous hosting’s control panel. Start transferring your files to our server based on the instructions you received from us in the activation email. Move files and databases (if any) from your old server to your new server and verify that all the email accounts you are using are created.
If your previous provider offers CPanel, transferring your site will be very easy as long as you take a backup of your site from the old cPanel and restore it (restore the backup) via the cPanel on our server.
During the transfer, please do not cancel your account with your previous hosting company.

3. Change Dns

You can now change the name servers (DNS) of our domain names from within your domain control panel in order to activate your site on the new server. You can find the new name servers in the activation email we sent you. After changing name servers, it will take about 24 hours to start using your site from our server. During this time, your website will continue to run from the old server (as long as you don’t cancel your previous hosting plan), but your ISPs will gradually complete the deployment process. When this procedure is completed, you can cancel your subscription with the previous provider.

You have now successfully completed the transfer of your site to our company. our end!

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