Domain is the term used to refer to the main name of a website. Domain is the domain name that is used on the Internet to express the electronic address of a website. For example, if the domain name of a website is "hyyat", then the domain name is "". The domain can be obtained by registering through a company that provides domain registration service. After registering the domain, it can be allocated to a website on the Internet when the site is set up and connected to the web hosting service.

النطاقات أو الدومينات

What are domains ?

Choosing a domain name is the first and most important step in creating a site on the Internet, as it constitutes the basic site identity (the site link) and expresses the nature and name of the site. Hayat Host provides customers with all extensions to the domain that exceed 20 different extensions. And the Saudi domain that is reserved for companies and institutions from the Saudi Center for Network Services. Therefore, when choosing a domain, we must take the time to choose the name that is completely appropriate for the nature of the site. The customer can also reserve the domain, he can also transfer his domain to us and he can control the domain through the client’s account in the subscriber services center

Tips to help you choose the right domain name

اختيار الدومين

Choose the name

1. Make it short and easy to remember: Choose a simple and clever name that people will remember easily.
2. Make it Meaningful: Make sure your domain name has a concise meaning of the persona or product you want to identify.
3. Make it unique: Make sure that the domain name is not used by someone else, and that it is not similar to any other names.
4. Choose the right extension: Make sure that the domain extension is compatible with your field of work and specialization.
5. Testing and verification: Before confirming the choice of the domain name, make sure that it can be registered and that it does not violate any rules or laws.


repeating letters

Avoiding domain names that contain repeated characters can make the name easier to remember and pronounce. When selecting a domain name, you must be sure that there is very little chance of confusion between your domain and any other domain. You must also make sure that the name you have chosen does not violate any other rights and that it is not similar to any other domain.

تسجيل  الدومينات

Buy quickly

correct! You need to be careful to get the domain name you want immediately, as thousands of new domain names are registered every day, and if you find the domain name you want, do not wait long, but take the necessary measures to obtain it immediately. It can also affect your ability to get the domain name you want if you take appropriate measures to ensure that the name you want does not violate any other rights and that it is not similar to any other domain name.

البحث عن الدومين

Domain search

The process of searching for the domain name you want to win and establishing your website on it. There are many services that provide domain search services, and allow you to search for available names and select the domain name you want. You can choose the domain search service you prefer and receive an offer on the available names that can be obtained. Some of the services that provide the domain search service allow you to view the prices and the period available to obtain the chosen domain.

اسم الدومين قصيرا

Short Name

It is true that choosing a domain name that is short and easy to remember are key factors in choosing the right domain name. Also, a short domain name gives a more professional and respectable impact on your customers and search engines. When choosing a domain name, you should take all of the factors mentioned in addition to the right keywords into consideration to select an effective and appropriate domain name for your website.

الكلمات المفتاحية تلعب دورا هاما في الدومين

key words

In determining domain keywords, you should take some of the following tips into consideration:
1. Choose words related to your organization or business.
2. Choose expressive and competent words.
3. Choose popular and common words.
4. Avoid using more than ten characters.
5. Avoid using punctuation or special symbols.
6. Avoid using annoying or offensive words.
By applying these tips, you can identify the right keywords for your domain and prove that it points to a well-known website.

Domain Services

Domain services have several services and goals, including: Domain registration: Allows you to register your own domain to establish an address on the Internet. Domain Management: Provides you with a domain management service that enables you to manage domain settings and ensure that it is working properly. Technical support service: It provides you with a domain-specific technical support service when technical solutions are needed. Security and Transparency: Provides you with the security and transparency necessary to maintain the integrity of an online address. This is a group of domain services, and not all services are the same between companies, so you must make sure of the services of the company you choose.

Domain registration is the process of locating your domain address and storing it in the domain database, which leads to ensuring that no one else owns your domain. The domain registration process can be subject to some conditions and rules, so you should search for companies specialized in domain registration, view their conditions, and inquire about your domain registration process.

A domain transfer is the process that allows the current owner of a domain to transfer ownership over that domain to another owner. This transfer can be done by HayatHost and with the hosting company for the domain and carrying out the necessary procedures. The transfer usually requires communication between the hosting company and the current owner, and therefore they must be on good and reliable relationship.

Featured domains” are the special domains available for reservation and registration, and they have many advantages, such as ease of use, access to a large number of different service providers, and an increased chance of finding the ideal domain for your website. Although premium domains are often more expensive than regular domains, they can result in more visitors and better website performance.


Domain Name FAQ

  • How do I access the domain manager?

    As long as you have domains registered with us, you can manage those domains in your domain manager, even if you no longer have hosting services here. It's where you can manage your domain settings, such as name servers, lock and contact information, privacy, renewal options, and so on.

  • How do I renew my domains?

    Go to your account in the client area

    It requires login with your email and password

    You will find the expired domain status in the list of actions on the left, below which you will find renewal

  • What happens if I don’t renew my domains?

    A: After your domain expires, there are several steps to protect against losing any domains you want to keep.

    60 days before the domain expiration date, we will begin sending you email reminders to the email address you have listed with us. At least two reminders will be sent before the expiry date and one reminder within five days after the expiration date.

    If we are unable to secure payment on or before the domain renewal date, your domain name will expire.

    Upon expiration, your domain registration will be deactivated and replaced with a waiting page indicating that the domain name has expired. Other services that you have associated with the domain name may not work. If the domain is not renewed, it is considered abandoned. We may exercise the right to auction, sell, delete or dispose of the name at any time.

    As early as 31 days after the expiration date, your domain name will enter the retention period and may be purchased by a third party. If a third party purchases the domain name during this time, the domain name will not be available for you to renew.

    44 days after expiration, if your domain has not been purchased by a third party, the domain will enter the 30-day redemption grace period.

    If you want to renew your domain name during the retention period or while it is redeemed and it was not otherwise purchased by a third party, you may be able to restore the domain name. However, we reserve the right to charge a reactivation fee of $70.00 (in addition to the annual renewal fee) if you cannot renew your domain name during the retention or redemption period.

    Once the recovery period expires, most registries keep a domain name for five days before deleting it and releasing it for public registration. During the five-day pending deletion process, the domain name could not be retrieved.

  • My domain is in recovery. what does that mean?

    A: (Please see renewal process above) The refund period may last for 30 days after the initial renewal grace period. You may still be able to redeem the domain during this time. Domain reactivation fees in the redemption period range from $70 to $250 + the normal renewal fee. Your domain can be recovered by selecting to renew it from within the Domains section of the Control Panel. At the end of the redemption period, the domain(s) will enter a 5-day deletion cycle; Eventually, it will become available for anyone to sign up for.

  • What does “automatic renewal” mean? How can I change it?

    A: As a security precaution, all new registrations are set to auto-renew unless the customer specifies otherwise. This prevents domain names from accidentally expiring and you from losing control of your website. We start trying to auto-renew domains 15 days before expiration. Automatic renewals are charged to the credit card associated with your account. If you want your domain name to auto-renew, but auto-renew is off.

  • My auto-renewal failed. what should I do?

    A: If the auto-renewal fails, it most likely means that your credit card is no longer valid. Update your credit card. You may also want to manually renew your domain, especially if it is less than 15 days before expiration or if it has already expired. For more information, please contact us through the client area.

  • I’m getting my domain renewal notifications on different email addresses.

    This often happens because there are multiple accounts with Hayathost, and each account is set to use a different email address. To consolidate all of your renewal notices into one email, make sure your contact information is consistent for each account.

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