Website programming

Programming websites is one of the most important services that must be taken care of to ensure a successful and distinguished website in the midst of crowding companies. The customer must choose the entity that will do the task to ensure the highest quality standards.

Why Hayat Host in web programming?

Hayat Host has more than 18 years of experience in this field, which guarantees clients a unique experience in programming websites. Our team listens well to the client's requirements and analyzes the site's software requirements to ensure a successful site exit. We take great care of the security element during programming and reduce dangerous functions that cause website hacks to produce a completely secure website. We provide full support on the software with the possibility of development later to keep pace with the updates that occur on the servers. We are skilled in making fast websites compatible with all browsers. We also make websites with responsive web designs technology to suit mobile and tablet.

Life Host services in web programming

Hayat Host offers various forms of web design services to suit all needs. The years' experience made her excel and excel in the field of web design of all kinds. Hayat Host offers you the following services:


The company has experts at the highest level in coding and accuracy, which ensures the implementation of a strong and distinctive site and fulfills all customer requirements. Our team can convert any Photoshop design into a web page with jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 technologies. When coding the site, we take into account the latest SEO standards in order to become compatible with search engines such as Google. The professional coding of our team appears in achieving the highest performance of the site by shortening the lines of code. We code vBulletin forums for all versions, including all hacks and plugins.

Sometimes the client has his own vision and ideas in designing his site, and some of these ideas need special programming to reach the client's goal. Hayat Host has a software team at the highest level capable of implementing any ideas or requirements using multiple programming languages. The company guarantees the highest standards of technical and software quality, completely free of loopholes. It also guarantees security, protection, browsing speed and ease of use, with the possibility of future development away from ready-made software

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Some sites have a general and popular idea and do not have special ideas or requirements, so we offer ready-made scripts service that correspond to a number of ideas such as:

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