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The world of institutions and companies

The world of institutions and companies is characterized by strong competition, which is accelerating tremendously, which requires businessmen to strive to meet their challenges and achieve strength and future success in their field and work to spread their brand to become at the top and highlight it in an impressive manner, which increases the confidence of communication between them and their customers and distinguishes them from their competitors. Herein lies our role, as we in Hayat Host realize that distinctive strategies for innovation are evolving day after day and require experience and the ability to invent creative ideas to make your professional world on the web a competitive reality by our ability to configure your site with accuracy, distinction, elegance and simplicity that attracts everyone who follows the steps of your brilliance and professional success and enhances your presence Strongly amongst your competitors.

1500 SAR


The contents of the presentation of institutions and businessmen

We offer you an offer for institutions and businessmen, which includes the following points

The space is 6 GB, the traffic is 60 GB.

It is chosen by the customer.

Home Page

The main interface of the site is fully explained in the main page tab.

Inner Pages

The five sub-pages are fully explained in the sub-pages tab.

You can create an unlimited number of emails in the name of the site.

Full offer value

1500 SAR to be paid only once.

The value of the annual renewal of the site

340 SAR annually.

Display pages

The pages contained in the company's website

Home Page

It is the main interface of your site, which expresses you and gives your visitors a bright image of your business. It contains your logo, an overview of your activity, the nature of your company and the services you provide. It can also contain a slider that displays pictures of your business in addition to links directed to the sub-pages of the site, in addition to data. Quick contact and your social media links, in the required aesthetic form, according to your specialization and type of work.

Inner Pages

They are the complementary pages to the main page, which contain everything related to the company in detail, and the most prominent sub-pages on most sites are:

It presents a detailed introduction to the company, its founding date, and an explanation of the nature of the work it does and what it offers to its clients.

Company activity

It contains a comprehensive presentation of the company’s activity and the nature of its work.

Company Goals

A detailed presentation of each service provided to the customer and how to obtain and order it.

Methods of communication with the company are displayed, including emails, phone numbers, full address and accounts.

Work Steps

The idea and content to be placed on the pages are taken by the client along with the design idea desired on the site, with the color to be designed for the site and the images to be placed.

A preliminary rehearsal is made for the client to be reviewed by him in principle and to make his comments and amendments.

After the client approves the main page, the design of the rest of the pages is completed and the data is placed on them.

It is presented to the customer in the final for approval before we move on to the coding and installation process, and then the site is installed on the space and the domain once and for all.

The site is reviewed by the customer to ensure that the data is correct and does not contain any errors.

The customer is given the opportunity of 3 days after installation in the event that he has any defect or problem that will be resolved by us.

After the expiry of the period, the site is finally delivered and the work file is closed.

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