Technical support

Hayat Host enjoys distinguished technical support worldwide To find out more please view the features of our technical support services


Advantages of technical support services

Working hours are not less than 10 hours per day, during which all customer requests for technical support tickets are implemented

We offer the best and most recent hacks that match your version and that there are no problems as a result of using them within the site

Our team is working to fill all the gaps, check the site and make good protection and firewalls for more security for your site and technical support

The latest forum versions of the upgrades carried out by the technical support team for the sites

WordPress support plans that suit your requirements

First Plan

Update the installed version of WordPress with patching all the gaps first and as soon as any update is issued

Continuously update all the add-ons installed on your site in conjunction with the update of WordPress

Solve all WordPress problems such as the problem of uploading images and others

Perform a full examination of the vulnerabilities on your site and solve them immediately

Completely protect your site from any gaps related to any add-ons installed on your site

Hide the WordPress version permanently from members and any visitor to the site

Detecting the number of attack attempts on the database and important files

Detect and block any programs to detect vulnerabilities on your site through bots

Detecting any attempts to modify the folders of your site

Log in via text messages sent to your mobile phone upon logging in without a specific limit for the duration of the subscription

The ability to close your site and ban those who try to log in for the number of times you specify

At Hayat Host, we add your site to the search engines and re-evaluate it

1200 SAR

Careful and professional study of technical support plans

First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Create an email on behalf of the site
Fill in the gaps in the forums
Forum Style Repair
Forum problems fix
Complete forum setup
Completely repair damaged databases and all its problems
Regularly patching loopholes in the forums and fixing software bugs
Create a firewall for forums
Remove any hack or programming that you want to remove
Add any hacks and plugins
Upgrade the forum version, style and hacks
Provide assistance for any internal inquiries
Attached style installation by you
Only One Style
Only One Style
2 Styles
3 styles
Un limited
support period
one time
one month
one month
3 months
one year
150 SAR
200 SAR
300 SAR
500 SAR
1200 SAR

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