The power of trust ip site BOTNETS

There are two main types of cyber attacks: targeted attacks and bot attacks. In the event of a botnet attack, hackers exploit known vulnerabilities in hundreds or even thousands of servers and make them “zombie” devices in their botnet. Once infected, they use these zombie devices as part of their bots to carry out their attacks automatically, infecting more and more devices and controlling them. On a weak server, botnets are responsible for an average of 40% of web traffic.


High compress on the server

Unreliable connections

slow sites

The power of Trust IP Site at Hayat Host

The revolutionary power of Life Host is our database that contains information about 7,000,000 IP addresses worldwide. Every server that is protected by LifeHost receives the latest updates on which IP addresses are safe and which are malicious. With each new server added, the strength of the defensive shield increases. If an attack occurs on a Host Life Protected server and the IP is blocked, it will be blocked not only on that server but on every Host Life Protected server around the world. This cutting edge technology is an exclusive feature of Life Host called Defense Network.

In addition to the power of the global lists generated by our Defense Network, you can also manage your IP lists at the user level by adding individual IP addresses, IP ranges, countries, and even ASNs to them.

We’ve also built an industry-first IP reputation list that goes beyond typical black and white lists. Our gray list makes IP management more flexible and provides a more convenient way to handle false positives, while still blocking potentially malicious requests. Graylisted IP addresses can be deleted by valid human visitors simply by completing a CAPTCHA or a browsing integrity check.

How do we differ from other IP reputation solutions?


User and global level

Global grey, black and white lists are shared on all Host Life Protected servers. Additionally, you can manage your listings at the user level for all your servers in one place.

قوة ثقه ip الموقع

Gray Menu

Instead of instantly blacklisting a malicious IP address, we've invented a new technology called graylist. This blocks suspicious activity while still being easy for people to verify genuine requests.

قوة ثقه ip الموقع

defense network

is a global network of protected lifehost servers that share information about the latest attacks. With each new server, our defense network grows stronger.

قوة ثقه ip الموقع


Our IP reputation list is constantly updated. When any server that is protected by Life Host is attacked, the malicious IP is immediately added to our blacklist.


Our Defense Network flags information about malicious IP addresses that are shared by all Life Host Protected servers around the world. With each new server added to the Host Life community, the protection of each Host Life protected server increases.

Greylist is a flexible approach to distinguishing between honest human visitors and malicious bots. Our CAPTCHA or Browser Integrity Check (BIC) page for existing ips will be grayed out. By completing it successfully, real visitors can continue browsing without issue, while bots will be blocked from accessing your servers.

Whenever an IP address sends a suspicious request to a server that is protected from Host Life, the IP address is grayed out first. If a valid human visitor tries to connect to the server from the graylisted IP address on HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP or FTP, they can delete the IP address with the help of CAPTCHA or Browser Integrity Check. These are used to make it easier for people to confirm that it is a genuine request and continue browsing.

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