Comprehensive examination

The first step in every attack is to scan the victim’s server to gather information about vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, most server owners don’t realize that they can block these scans and stop attacks before they happen. Instead, most IT teams spend their time responding to attacks, after they happen, and cleaning up infected files.

Scanning is not as straightforward as a DoS attack or malware infection, so it is often overlooked when it comes to server security. However, all this can happen to your server, which is the first sign that it is under control: so the server is thoroughly scanned


data leak

Checking your servers by hackers

Connections to open ports

The power of Tackling Hackers at Hayat Host

You can stop your server from being scanned by malicious IP addresses and block hackers by creating an automatic decoy. HYYAT Honeypots catch suspicious connections, so cybercriminals will not be able to access the valid services on your servers, only the fake ones that are set up to intercept them.

HYYAT Web Honeypot can turn backdoors that hackers use to gain access to your server through PHP web applications into traps that prevent them from using the resources on your server. When the command and control (C&C) servers that direct bot attacks try to access backdoors on your server, Host Life will recognize and block them.

How do we differ from other network penetration solutions?


without settings

100 attractions are set by default to capture most attacks. The Host's life will also turn the back doors it discovers into attractions automatically.


automatic blocking

HYYAT Honeypots not only collect information about suspicious IP addresses but also block them automatically to prevent further attacks.


100% compatible

Our attractions do not interfere with any services running on your server. Attractions are only set up on ports where the real service is not working.


Web and honey pots

We offer two types of hotspots: Port Honeypot to block IP addresses looking for open ports and Web Honeypot to prevent hackers from checking for vulnerabilities in web applications.


HYYAT Port selects from more than 1000 attack ports (eg: 23, telnet). It is not set up on physical ports, so it will never interfere with any real services. If you wish, you can configure the module settings

Yes, in Host Life, you can decide which ports should always be used as an attraction and which should not be an attraction. However, HYYAT Port will never use a port where a real service is running. You can even set the exact start port, so the unit will choose the ports for the starting position above the port number.

Currently, we only have a PHP app, but we have plans to support other languages as well. We are always happy to accept contributors.

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