Questions about payment and renewal of cloud servers

Questions about payment and renewal of cloud servers

In this article, we will ask the most important frequently asked questions to ensure that the service does not stop and your data is lost at Hyyat Host

When do you have to renew the cloud server subscription? #

You must pay the renewal 3 days before the expiry date to ensure that the server works

What happens if the server rent is not paid on time? #

The server will be erased and handed over to another client and you will not be able to recover your files

Do I have to wait for an email to remind me of my cloud server renewal date? #

Hyyat Host does not guarantee the arrival of your mail and its reading by you, but each customer has a control panel that enables him to follow up the bills and the expiry period. next one :

Knowing the expiry date of the subscription, products or services

What are the payment methods available to me at Hyyat Host? #

Hyyat Host offers many payment methods

1- Payment by bank transfer. You can find the account numbers on the following link:

link click here

2- Pay via paypal, to follow the explanation, click here

3- Pay by Visa, MasterCard and Mada. To follow the explanation, click here


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