Access with SFTP/SCP

Access with SFTP/SCP #


By using SFTP and SCP, you can access your Storage Box. This is completely encrypted.

Please use your assigned hostname <username>, username, and password. If you also plan on using a sub-account on your Storage Box, please make sure to also use the sub-account username for the connection.


Authentication using SSH keys #

If you access your Storage Box by using SFTP/SCP, you can also authenticate yourself with a public key. Further information and an example are available on the following site: Backup Space SSH Keys.


Connection Error #

11: Application Error

If you receive this error while connecting via SFTP or SCP, then that is the result of the SSH key forwarding. Please deactivate the forwarding and try again.


Software #

This article only addresses a limited selection of software that you can use for this protocol.


  • WinSCP (SFTP)
  • FileZilla (SFTP)


  • scp
  • sftp
  • FileZilla (SFTP)


  • Total Commander (SFTP Plugin)
  • AndFTP (SFTP)


SSH host keys #

In order to ensure the authenticity of the connection, you can compare the host keys of the Storage Box with the following keys below.

SHA256:XqONwb1S0zuj5A1CDxpOSuD2hnAArV1A3wKY7Z3sdgM (ED25519)
SHA256:RWkLouD9tfTwdboJOzjiWo5njZI59Hcta82ttAWxDA0 (DSA)
SHA256:oDHZqKXnoMtgvPBjjC57pcuFez28roaEuFcfwyg8O5c (ECDSA)

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