The importance of backing up your hosting sites

The importance of backing up your hosting sites

Imagine what would happen if you woke up one day and found a problem with the hosting of your website and all data was deleted from it,

And you don’t have a backup for it? Can you imagine that!?


An annoying nightmare Suddenly all your work went down the drain because of one mistake, maybe it wasn’t your fault or from the hosting company or because of any accident that led to that regardless of the reason, but the result is that you will start working from scratch again because you don’t care about backing up your site

You have to know first


Why is backup so important, and on what basis is your site backed up? #

There are many reasons for losing data from websites:
Unintended deletion –

Wrong settings –


Hardware damage or even updates that affect the content –

Or perhaps unexpected general accidents –

The reasons are many, but the result is the same in the end, you do not need to imagine this ugly scenario with your interest in backing up your site.



Reasons why you should back up your website? #

1- Maintain your website files #

In the event of problems with the hosting company for your site, instead of losing your files, you will have a backup copy

A large number of hosting companies do not back up sites on a regular basis, but this will not happen with Hayah Host.

Hosting problems are normal, as well as your desire to transfer to another hosting, and in the event of one of the two things, you will need the files and database of your site.

2- Storing the original updates for the site is not enough #

If you have developed your site on another server, or a personal computer, and you think that this is enough for your protectors, over time, changes will occur on the site, and these changes will often not be reflected in the original version of your site.

3- To be ready to come back quickly #

Having a recent backup copy of your site allows you to return to your site quickly after the accident. It is very important to return to your site as soon as possible, as this does not affect your financial income, and also so that your site’s ranking on search engines is not affected.

4- Rest your mind. #

Running your site backup and keeping it up-to-date will not always make you imagine the gruesome scenarios of losing your site content.

5- Protection against viruses. #

The best and easiest protection from viruses, malware and scanners against your site, knowing that it does not prevent any attack on your site, but it is the best remedy for it.

What do you need to save in your website backup?
You must know what to backup your site, because saving everything is not the best choice for you

We will show you some examples of data and what should be copied in each of them:-


CMS websites: They are the sites that rely on databases (such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla sites)

The files must be copied and the database dumped into an sql file.

HTML websites: They are static content sites that are originally based on HTML files.. Just copy the Home Directory.

Email: You only need to copy mail files to save backup copies of them.

Media:In this type, copy all types of media that you provide, such as: images, video and audio.

Customer data:

If the data to be saved is information about sales and financial transactions, the database must be emptied into a ..sql file

It is preferable to back up your site whenever any updates are added to it, even if on a daily basis

Also, it is better to have the settings run back up automatically without your intervention.

Now you ask yourself where these backup copies of my site will be saved?
You have two options for saving your website backup.
Same server: It is to keep it on the same server, and it has two options:-
– Either the copy is on the same hard disk that stores the data, and this is a very big risk. If any problem occurs in the hard parts, the backup will not be of any benefit.

– Or the copy on the hard disk is separate from the hard disk. This is also dangerous. If your server has been hacked from the root level, you may lose all data.

Different server: It is to keep a backup copy on an external server separate from your server
This is the safest and least dangerous option.

It is better that the external back-up server in the Data Center is different from the one that provides you with the service.

This is what we follow in the backup services at Hyyat Host.

Explaining the importance of backup for hosting sites has been completed.


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