What is the consumption of server resources?

What is the consumption of server resources?

استهلاك موارد السيرفر ما هي ؟و ما سببها ؟ و ما حلها ؟

First: What are server resources? #

What is meant by resources here are (processor) (memory) (databases) …. and so on

Arab companies are now turning to the resource limitation system, which is a global system used by bluehost, hostgator and others.
This system determines the server resources for each site.
For example (each site consumes 5% of the processor in 5 seconds)…
If the site or forum exceeds this percentage, the server will automatically stop his site .. and inform him that his site is suspended for a specific period of time, usually a long time … but if there is no system that stops the site for a certain period, the server will stop completely, or at least the load will rise sharply Affect the slowness of all sites on the shared hosting.


And what is the importance of this? #

If your site consumes resources and there is nothing to stop it or there is no system to determine the resources for each site, the problem will be much greater .. because your site will cause the entire server to stop and maybe the server stop will last for a long time .. and this will affect all sites on the server And since you are on a shared hosting, the job opportunities for all sites must be equal and there is nothing that negatively affects the system or the server in general.

And what if my site is small? #

The size of the site does not necessarily affect the consumption of resources. The site may have an area of 50 MB and greatly affect the consumption of resources. There may be a site with an area of 10 GB and it does not affect the resources..

And what is the difference between them then? #

The difference in this case is that the large-sized site, all the code is written correctly, and there is no hack or any wrongly written programming that indirectly affects the consumption of resources (processor, memory, or databases)..
There are also some codes that cause slow queries in databases, which take a very large time to execute.

And how do I know whether these codes are correct or not? #

In this case, developers or programmers can be referred to..There are hacks that are known to increase loads and consume resources, for example (hack vbseo)..

There are also processes that greatly affect the server, including:

1- The process of taking the back-up through the forum control panel
2- The process of repairing databases from within the forum control panel
3- The process of sending large mail at one time
4- The process of updating the forum’s counters.

4- The process of updating the forum’s counters. #

You can refer to the host to inform you of what can be done in this case..or help you in matters related to hosting such as (taking a backup copy – repairing the database)..

Or stop the resource system for a certain period until the process of updating the counters or something like these things..

Is it possible to know the hacks or scripts that affect the consumption of resources?

The host is supposed to provide you with some logs that show you the problems you have .. usually files with the extension .log ..
After viewing these files to the programmers specialists, they will know exactly what is the hack causing the problem to be stopped..
You can also search the forums to find out the hacks that cause a rise in the friendliness of the server to stop them.. Usually only one or two hacks affect the server negatively..

What is the consumption of server resources?

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