Create a new website using whm/cpanel

Create a new website using whm/cpanel

In this explanation, we will review how to create a new website from within the cPanel control panel, follow the following steps…

1- We enter the server control panel via http://ip:2086/ ip #

With the change of the IP to the IP number of the server

We put the username and password for the login process

2- We click on Account Functions #

3- We click on Create a New Account #

4- Enter the domain name that will be used for this account. #

5- The username was created automatically but you can edit it at any time. #

Enter the password for this account and make sure the password is strong.

You can also use the Password Generator button and the system will provide you with a strong password.

Type the email address that will be associated with the account.


6- We choose the plan you want. #

7- Choose cPanel settings. #

CGI Allows the hosting account to run CGI scripts (forums, visitor counter, etc).

cPanel Theme Choose cpanel format


Locale Choose the language for the cpanel control panel

8- If you want to create the reseller account, choose Make reseller account. #

Make the account itself allow users to own and modify the account.

9- DNS settings for the cPanel account. #


10- Choose the default mail routing settings for the cPanel account. #

11- We click on create to create the account. #

The explanation of creating a new website has been completed through whm/cpanel

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