whm/cpanel control panels

whm/cpanel control panels It means Web Host Manager and means Hosts Manager. It is the control panel for the accounts of customers or clients who have websites on your account, and through WHM you can adjust and define the capabilities of each client's account such as bandwidth, space, etc. And you get it when you buy a reseller membership from one of the hosting sites. That is, you become the owner of a hosting site and provide hosting services to clients. What do whm/cpanel control panels do: WHM gives you a set of tools to help you easily do the following tasks: Create, delete and suspend your cPanel accounts. Manage and monitor your sites and reset the password. Access, change and verify all your DNS zones. You can configure your customer support requests through cPanel. Gives you permission to check server information and status. You can create your own default page if you create a new account. Access to customize and control your hosting panel. The ability to change your customer domain names and usernames.

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