Top 5 Google Fonts

There are 1,052 different Google font combinations available for free (at the time of writing this article). There are so many options! So it’s no wonder you need help finding that needle in a haystack with a list of the best Google Fonts.

We’ve got it for you, then we’ll also share some best practices for using Google Fonts in WordPress.

Font choice is more than just an aesthetic choice—it can have a huge impact on your site’s bounce rates and conversion rates, especially if you choose a font that’s hard to read. Therefore, it pays to take some time to choose the perfect family of Google Fonts for your website, rather than using the first font you come across.


Why use Google Fonts? #

There are thousands of font repositories online, so what makes Google Fonts so special?

First, it’s free! Furthermore, Google Fonts are maintained and delivered by Google, which means they are guaranteed to be secure. Of course, there are plenty of scam websites where you can download free fonts, but who knows what else you’ll pick up with these files?

The quality of the fonts on these sites can also sometimes be questionable.

Google has curated a selection of over a thousand high-quality fonts. When you’re not a graphic designer with a perfect eye for typography, this is a safer option.

Second, there are no complicated licensing restrictions. All fonts in the Google Fonts catalog are open source and free to use in commercial projects. You can download or embed them on your site, and you can even use them on print projects.

Although there is no unified license, most of the fonts in the repository use the Open Font license.

Now that we know some of the characteristics, let’s begin to show


Top 5 Google Fonts

1. Roboto #


Long-running 1, Roboto is a no-font offering from Christian Robertson developed by Google to be the system font for Android. It is now widely popular, comes in 12 different styles, and appears many times on Google Fonts Analytics.

For example, Roboto is the most popular font. But Roboto Condensed is also the sixth most popular streak, as Roboto Slab shows up at number 12!

2. Open Sans #

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Open Sans Condensed  is a very read line commissioned by Google and inspired by Droid Sans. Google Open Sans uses some of its printed and printed and printed ads. OPEN SANS CONDENSED, the brotherly line here, also occupies the third most common place on Google Fonts.ا على Google Fonts.

3. Lato #

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Lato is another common choice of Łukasz dziedzic. It has a complete story behind his design, where they balances the conflicting goals, resulting in unique Sans-serif line and lightweight.

4. Montserrat #

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Montserrat He is a line without a line from Julieta Ulanovsky, living in the Montserrat district who holds the same name in Buenos Aires. With 18 different patterns ranging from light to heavy, you have a lot of options.

5. Oswald #

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Oswald The Sans-serif line is originally developed by Vernon Adams. It is designed with the outstanding alternative alternative style in mind, which is illustrated by bold strikes.

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