The difference between an additional domain and a suspended domain

The difference between an additional domain and a suspended domain

الفرق بين دومين إضافي و دومين موقوف

 Main Domain Name #

Usually, the domain you choose to purchase the hosting plan with is the base and anything else is sub, add-on, or suspended.

 Sub Domain #

When the services provided by a site abound, sub-headings can be created that facilitate access to the desired section of the site.

For example, you can go to your site and search for a link to the forum,

Or write directly to Hosting plans usually allow unlimited number of sub-domains to be created,

From the Subdomains section of the cPanel Control Panel.


 Add-on Domain #

When you reserve 5 domain names for example, and you want to host them together, you should search for a hosting plan that allows this and choose one domain name as the main one, then host the other four domains as additional domains.

The way to do this is simple, the control panel creates a subfolder under the main folder (which is usually the main domain name) and all files associated with this additional domain are saved and stored there.

Increasing the number of sub-domains increases the consumption of the resources available in the hosting plan, so it is not wise to host domains and sites with a very large number of visitors on one hosting plan, unless it has large specifications (such as the third plan).

Parked Domain #

Sometimes someone reserves a domain name because they are getting famous and may sell it in the future for a fantastic profit.

The domain name can be reserved and not hosted, and in this case its name will be a barked domain or a suspended domain.

Old and hosted domains get more rated than search sites when displaying results, so when you sell a domain name, the older it gets, the more expensive it will be.

In order for search sites to know the existence of any domain,

It must be hosted on a server, which is why we always advise not to leave domains without hosting them, even within the suspended domains,

Which all point to a single page on the server in the hosting plan, helping search sites to find and archive them.

On the other hand, and in the case of sites whose name can be written in more than one way,

Or the researchers make a frequent mistake when writing her name,

In this case, the site owner buys all possible domain names and makes them refer to one site,

Which increases the popularity of the site and makes it easy to access. in general,

Reserving domain names close to your domain name and making them point to your site is one of the ways to increase the number of visitors and advertise your sites.


Note: When you use the localized version of the cPanel control panel, you will find the translation of a domain is a domain, and it is sub-domains, additional domains, suspended domains.


The difference between an additional domain and a suspended domain


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