Internet Domains

Internet Domains Domain name A domain name is an abbreviated name indicating the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the server bearing this number and of the computer connected to the Internet. Domain names have many uses such as: The name that identifies one or more computers on the Internet. This name appears as part of the Internet address (URL) name of a website, for example: The product that companies assigning and registering domain names give to their customers. These names are often called registered domain names and here is the Internet Protocol (IP) and several domains denoting it which are called sub-domains. Names that are used for various purposes in the Domain Name System (DNS) such as the name following the @ sign in email, or a TLD such as: Com. and Net. or those used by the VoIP service. Some web marketers give this name to the web address, but this is colloquially and incorrectly. In this section, Internet Domains will explain how we control domain names.

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