What is bandwidth or traffic?

What is bandwidth or traffic?

ما هو الباندويث او الترافيك؟

Does just entering a website and a page consume bandwidth and traffic for this site?

How can this bandwidth consumption be calculated?

Bandwidth is Traffic: #

Or in Arabic, data exchange, meaning that your entry to each page consumes traffic like a car that consumes oil, and the oil of the site is bandwidth, traffic, or data exchange
This depends on the size of the site and the images in it. The more material and images, the more consumption increases in a simple way

For example, you uploaded 10 photos to the site, and each photo is 1 kilobyte

If 1000 visitors enter your site, they consume 1000 * 10 * 1 kilobytes of bandwidth = 10,000 kilobytes.

The more images, files, and programs, the more bandwidth is consumed, especially the increase in visitors

And if the bandwidth ends, the site will be closed until the bandwidth is renewed, usually at the beginning of each month


I mean, if the traffic was 3 gigabytes, and the site ended, it would be closed until renewal, and it would be the first day of the next month, and the site would open again, and 3 gigabytes would be calculated again.
And so on

When reserving a space from within the available data is the size of the bandwidth that you are allowed..

In fact, the more Bandwidth you have, the more your site will be able to handle more visitors at the same time.

Knowing the size of the bandwidth is very important, as many when booking a site tend to know the given space only, while the most important element is what we are talking about today.

Your estimate of the size of the bandwidth you need depends on the nature of the site you want to create.

The size of each page and the number of your expected visitors.


In short, there is a nice equation

Calculate the size of each page with the size of the images on this page and multiply it by the expected number of page views per month.

For example, if you have a 4KB page with two images each of 2KB, the size will be 4 + 2 + 2 = 8 KB.

And you expect, for example, 100,000 views per month.. It will be 800,000 kilobytes, approximately 0.8 GB..

Calculate this for you one and a half pages, and you will get approximately the number of megabytes required of you.. approximately.


How to protect the bandwidth: #

Keep the size of the images and pages as small as possible.

Use jpg format for natural images and gif for page images and animated images.

Use the Stylesheet

It is a way in which you can specify at the beginning of the page, for example, that the main headings will be of this size and color, and thus these will be applied
Data on each main address instead of increasing the file size by repeating the data, but the address.


How can I protect your bandwidth? #

If another site inserts an image from your site via a direct link and does not upload the image to it and include it, this will cost you from your bandwidth.

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