Explain how to enter the client area

Entering the client area at Hyyat Host

  • Facilitate opening tickets and sending technical support to the customer from within his customer area.
  • Facilitate the follow-up of tickets and correspondence with technical support from one place from within the customer area.
  • Quick opening tickets and follow-up in a short time.
  • Having all your data and needs in one place and not in more than one place.

To enter the client area at Hyyat Host #

When you enter the Hyyat Host website, it appears as in the picture


دخول منطقة العميل لدى حياة هوست


After that, you will be directed to the following link Click here

You are logged into your control panel in the client area with the email and password that was created when registering

دخول منطقة العميل لدى حياة هوست

Video explanation #


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