When will your site be suspended without prior notice?

When will your site be suspended without prior notice?

متي يتم ايقاف موقعك بدون انذار مسبق؟

There are a lot of customers complaining about the interruption of their service without prior warning, and we will discuss in this article the reasons that lead to this.

Suspension of the site (hosting space) without the need for prior notice, or cases in which the site is suspended temporarily or completely

without the need for any prior warning.

The first case: Violation of the terms of service provision #

In the event that the owner of the site violated one or more of the conditions for providing services in Hayat Host, then the site will be suspended without the need

To warn the owner of the site, provided that the owner of the site is informed of the suspension process within a period not exceeding 24 hours from the moment of the actual suspension of the site.

This period may be up to 48 hours.

And it falls under the item of breaching the terms of the site, for example, but not exclusively (the site contains harmful files, viruses, or hacked files, whether those files have been uploaded

By the owner of the site or any third party, or even through a program located on the space, sending the site to email messages that open SPAM,

Obstruction or obstruction of the normal activity of the server or consumption of available resources suddenly, which leads to a halt in the system

And it falls under this item, but is not limited to a DDoS attack or dumping operations in the demand for site services, whether they are real requests

or fake with the aim of stopping the system or obstructing normal activity, trying to facilitate penetration of the system or harming any other site or disabling it or eavesdropping on it,

Uploading files that weaken the level of protection or classified by us as harmful files, using the service in a way that is different from the usual

Your site was visited by 10,000 people surprisingly, the normal rate is much less than that)

For more on this matter, see our terms of service provision on the following link:

Usage Agreements

The second case: an emergency #

Your site may be stopped when there is any emergency that requires us to perform emergency maintenance for the server or part of it, and this matter requires stopping the server

from work or excluding him from service, whether temporarily or permanently.

Provided that the owner of the site is notified via e-mail in the event that the suspension process will last more than 24 hours, and the customer is informed 24 hours before

The moment the site is stopped.

The third case: the end of the monthly data conversion rate (bandwidth) #

For each hosting space we have a specific plan, and each plan includes a pre-determined monthly data conversion rate, and the data conversion rate is the amount of data

That is exchanged with your website monthly.

If the allowed rate is consumed for this month, your site will be automatically suspended for consuming the monthly data conversion rate

And a page written in it (bandwidth limit exceeded) will appear instead of the usual pages of your site appearing.

In this case, your site will not be opened until the beginning of the new Gregorian month, or if you upgrade your site hosting plan to a higher plan

It has a higher data transfer rate.

Or if you purchase an extra data conversion rate package. Contact the technical support team

For more information on this issue, please see this link:


What is bandwidth or traffic?

We at Hyyat Host try hard not to stop any site without warning its owner.

Therefore, we at Hyyat Host hope that our customers do not hesitate to open any ticket through the client’s area in the event that their site is suspended

Their request will be dealt with within 24 hours.


Fourth case: the renewal period has passed #

In the event that the site renewal period (the payment period) has passed, the system will automatically stop the service until the bills are paid

After payment, the system will automatically run the service again.

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When will your site be suspended without prior notice?

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