Important terms used in the control panel

Important terms used in the control panel

المصطلحات المهمة المستخدمة في لوحة التحكم

Here are some important terms you use to deal with your backup control panel:

Policy: A plan of action or policy for the backup process, through which the settings for the backup are determined, such as the time you work, the day, the date, and the files you want to be included in the backup, as well as the number of copies you want.

Disk Safes: It is the space in which you store the policy, which is prepared by Hyyat Host Company.

You can use it only when you have more than one Policy, during the backup restore process to select the one you want to restore.

Recovery Points: Here you will find the backup copies of your files that were identified by the Policy, and you can restore them at any time and you can protect them on your computer.

Task History: This feature shows you the status of the current and old backups, with the ability to stop and restart any Policy.

Reporting: The reports that can be prepared to monitor the status of the backup service and the status of the policy, as well as monitoring the space used. You will receive periodic reports at the time you specify.


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