What is business hosting?

ما هي استضافة الشركات؟

What is business hosting?

When it comes time to choose where to host your corporate website, you will have plenty of options at your disposal. In addition to deciding which company to host, you will also have to decide what type of hosting package works best for you.

It is one of the most popular hosting options for those who need to host their company’s website

Below, we explore what they are, and what kind of person could benefit from them.


What is business hosting?

It is a shared hosting, but with superior features for company owners that allow them to develop their own company website. Each website will usually have a cap on the amount of server resources they can use, but this will be determined by your hosting package.

Shared hosting is the cheapest and most economical option for your needs. However, the cheap price does come with limitations, which we’ll get to below. Since most hosting companies will offer the same space and storage, it is important to choose a company that you can trust.

Advantages of business hosting

There are many benefits to choosing it. Let’s take a look at the basic features:

ما هي استضافة الشركات؟Safety

The participation of a large group of sites on one server is a very dangerous client, as when a crisis occurs or a site is hacked, this will negatively affect other sites on the same server. Therefore, in Hyyat Host, we have used the best technology (cloudlinux) to prevent this from happening.

ما هي استضافة الشركات؟ Easy plan upgrade

You can easily upgrade your current plans to a higher one when your company’s website grows.

 the speed

At HayatHost, we have shown interest in the quality of our hosted sites. We have installed LiteSpeed, which is the most popular tool used in global hosting and ensuring the speed of your company’s website.

Ease of management

Simple and straightforward to set it up. Most service providers offer an easy to use control panel to manage your website such as . cPanel

 You don’t need management

Your host will take the headache out of running your own server by taking care of basic server administrative tasks. Unless you are ready to run your own server, web management is the most convenient option. Through it, you can get professional technical assistance for everything from hardware upgrades and maintenance, software updates, DDoS attacks, network segments, etc.

Things to consider #

There are some important criteria to think about when choosing between hosting providers,

And it goes beyond just pricing. You should look for the following properties:



When you’re looking for a hosting plan, make sure you get some uptime guarantees. The absolute minimum that you must accept

From the host is 99%.

the speed

Sites that share a server do not affect each other’s speed and performance by using hosting companies at Hayat Host,

But this can be said of many web hosting companies.



Factor traffic or your expected website traffic into your decision Web data traffic is not easy to determine, but if you expect a large amount of traffic, hosting companies large plans are appropriate because you may be violating the fair use policy.

technical support

Find a host with 24/7 support agents available with the means you will find most helpful, such as WhatsApp, email, chat, or support tickets.

Is corporate hosting suitable for me? #

is the right choice for your site if you:

  • You have little experience with web hosting
  • Want to keep your company’s website online non-stop?
  • A website is designed for businesses such as institutions and companies
  • Your company website works on Joomla or WordPress
  • Run a small or large company

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