Speed up WordPress websites with AccelerateWP

Speed up WordPress websites with AccelerateWP

We are going to check out AccelerateWP’s capabilities, which is an all-in-one performance improvement feature that is currently offered in CloudLinux OS.

Hyyat Host has been keen to activate this service to our customers.

CloudLinux announced the release of a new feature for its operating system, CloudLinux OS, named AccelerateWP. It is an optimization feature pack offered with CloudLinux OS, targeting WordPress websites. The Standard Edition of AccelerateWP is now in the production-ready state, and we will have a look at its capabilities.


AccelerateWP, a feature of CloudLinux OS #

AccelerateWP is a production-ready feature component of CloudLinux OS. It allows hosting service providers to offer an all-in-one optimization solution to their customers. It is accessible directly through the cPanel interface.


تسريع مواقع WordPress باستخدام AccelerateWP

AccelerateWP can deliver optimizations with two levels of website caching: #

Object cache and full-page caching. It offers static full-page cache, browser cache, caching only logged-in users, lazy load, and many more caching features to the server and WordPress administrators. Most importantly, it comes with the SmartAdvice feature within its Standard Edition. CloudLinux states that there will be more features to be added in the future, such as Critical CSS Generation, Image Optimization, or CDN services.


Suggestions for performance with SmartAdvice #

SmartAdvice is a “smart suggestion and easy action” feature in the AccelerateWP module. It allows server administrators to see suggestions for performance improvements for all of its users on a single interface. With this information, the server administrator can reach the customers to recommend those changes. CloudLinux OS team is currently developing a notification system as well; soon it will be even easier to deliver those recommendations to the customers.

Next to the details and suggestions, there is a Quick Action column that can apply the suggestions with only one click; but it works only if the user is both the server manager and WordPress administrator.

Based on PHP X-Ray #

SmartAdvice is based on the findings of CloudLinux OS’ PHP X-Ray feature. While SmartAdvice gathers all the useful recommendations for server administrators, it is still possible to utilize the PHP X-Ray feature for diagnosing performance-related problems on WordPress websites.


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