Optimizing Apache web server on WHM?

Optimizing Apache web server on WHM?

Apache is a freely available web server that is distributed under an “open source” license.

Version 2.0 works on most UNIX-based operating systems. cPanel & WHM manages the Apache web server and its components

Using EasyApache.

When you install cPanel & WHM 11.52 or later, the default (quick) installation method uses the EasyApache configuration by default cPanel, WHM 11.50 and earlier versions of EasyApache during the installation process.


It is a program that installs, modifies and validates the Apache, PHP, Tomcat, and other components of your web server.

cPanel & WHM does not require the use of EasyApache, but it provides a convenient and easy way to modify your web server.

You can follow these steps to modify Apache directives for maximum performance:


1- We enter the server control panel via http://ip:2086/ ip

With the change of the IP to the IP number of the server

We put the username and password for the login process

تحسين خادم الويب اباتشي علي WHM؟

2- Once logged in, search for “Service Configuration” and click on it. #

بمجرد تسجيل الدخول ، ابحث عن "Service Configuration"

3- In the new menu, click on Apache Configuration. #

في القائمة الجديدة ، انقر فوق Apache Configuration

4- In Apache Configuration select Global Configuration. #

في تكوين Apache Configuration حدد Global Configuration.

5- In the Global Configuration list, we will need to make changes in different areas as follows and click Save. #

StartServers = 5
MinSpareServers = 5
MaxSpareServers = 10
ServerLimit = 500
MaxRequestWorkers = 500
MaxRequestsPerChild = 4000
Timeout = 20

تحسين خادم الويب اباتشي علي WHM؟

Optimizing Apache web server on WHM?

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