1- Introduction to nic teaming and its types

1- Introduction to nic teaming and its types

In short, the idea is that if there is more than one network card on the server, or a card that contains more than one port

They can be used with this feature by merging them and appearing as one card

Consolidating or aggregating network links to provide a logical link with higher throughput, or to provide redundancy, is known by many names, e.g. channel bridging, Ethernet tethering, port aggregation, channel aggregation, NIC aggregation, or link aggregation. This concept as it was originally implemented in the Linux kernel is widely referred to as threading. The term Network Teaming was chosen to refer to this new implementation of the concept. The existing tethering driver is not affected, Network Teaming is offered as a replacement and does not replace tethering in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


 Nic teaming

The benefit of this feature #

1- Combine the speeds that will pass for each card. If one card is 1 GB and there are 3 network cards, the internal capacity of the device will be 3 GB

2- In the event of a problem with one of the cards or the port, the connection to the network will continue because the other two cards will continue to work

1-مقدمه عن Nic teaming وانواعه


Methods for merging cards (json configuration) #

1- round robin #

It sends a package from the first card and then sends the second package from the second card

Thus (he distributes lode evenly on the cards)


1-مقدمه عن Nic teaming وانواعه

2-active backup #

It sends traffic via one card only, and when it stops, it sends via the second card

And when it stops, it sends through the third card


1-مقدمه عن Nic teaming وانواعه

3-lacp (broadcast) #

And it must be specified for switch that it will work with this lacp protocol

Its benefit is that it collects the ports and sends the traffic once from all the ports

(You get the sum of the cards) or send on all the cards


Note: the switch must support lacp

4- load balance #

It runs 2 switches and sends traffic from the first and second switch

Any division by them is working with a normal switch (stand alone)


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