Hosting is a space designated to place a specific site on it and it has a specific size and a specific amount of traffic commensurate with the size of the space. To run any hosting, it must be linked to a specific domain. And hosting is not of one size, but there are different spaces to suit all kinds of sites of all sizes. Where some sites do not need huge hosting, unlike large sites that require a larger hosting volume and a greater amount of traffic.


Are there specific types of hosting available at Hayat Host?

In Hayat Host we have been keen to provide many types and each type includes several different plans to meet the needs of all users . We have prepared in Hayat Host hosting plans according to the highest quality standards in servers on the global Internet. After a thorough study of the hosting market and customers' requirements and needs, we have provided many plans that serve all types of websites without exception. Where you will find corporate hosting that suits corporate and institutional websites and websites that need to use emails, shared hosting that suits individuals for small and personal websites, hosting full servers that large websites need, hosting cloud servers, Windows hosting, and VBS hosting for Linux, so you will find the right hosting for you through Browse the hosting plans available in each separate section. With the availability of a highly experienced technical staff in server management, to provide the highest level of protection on servers and speed in browsing hosted sites, thanks to the powerful servers that are equipped and linked on the Internet through the most powerful Data Center, in addition to providing backup for sites on hosting Hayat Host on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This means that the site will not be lost for any reason whatsoever.

Hosting Services

We offer you more than one package to suit all your business requirements

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