Your mobile application with us

The mobile application is a software that works in the same form and characteristics of your site and is placed in the application market so that any user can download it on his mobile phone and this application appears as an icon on the mobile. There are two types of applications according to the type of mobile used, and the applications are divided into two parts.

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Android apps and Apple apps

In line with the technical development in the web world, Hayat Host works to provide the appropriate mobile application for you with high quality and an appropriate price. Our main goal is to focus on customer service and their requirements. Our services include Android applications and iPhone applications, and because we know that a successful mobile application depends on an elaborate work method and clear stages that we rely on The work of our application on an organized strategy aimed at achieving the goal of the required application.

Work Way


You will be contacted to take the idea required of you for the application in all its details and to understand exactly what you want to do.


The task of our work team is to see the idea and collect the data and images required for its implementation and organize it well for launch.


We are working on integrating the data we have collected with the customer's idea and working on programming for the required application.

Cide and Design

The successful application depends on the harmonization of the design and aesthetics in the appearance of the mobile application for users and its approval of your site so that there is no difference between the site and the application through browsing.

Take a look

Upon completion, the application will be shown to you for a comprehensive look before it is practically launched for the users and to realize any notes you find.


Upon completion of the Android or iPhone application and making sure that it works in the best way, we will release it to your users by downloading it in the application market so that your users can download it on their devices with ease.

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