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Electronic newspaper script: The world of technology has become the fastest way to deliver information and news directly in a time that does not exceed seconds and to a huge number of visitors, especially if the information is breaking news. Therefore, most newspapers and magazines have websites to deliver the news at a tremendous speed to the largest number of people all over the world. Since newspapers cannot cover large areas of the world in their distribution to be read on paper, they have benefited from the Internet to deliver the news faster and in less time. And users prefer to read news in all its fields over the Internet in order to shorten the time. Hence, the idea of ​​establishing electronic newspapers came to sweep the world of the Internet. It is no longer limited to well-known newspapers, but there are many types, including international newspapers, private newspapers, and personal newspapers that belong to a family, tribe or a specific community, so from this point the idea of ​​the news newspaper was

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